Forgotten Realms: Age of Worms

Journal of Cha'ti the Caller

Out of the Darkness. Part I

Ahhh…the light! I was thrilled when the party decided that Nyphstra and I would proceed to town ahead of the group. Although I knew it wasn’t wise to break up the group, my uneasy feeling was quickly replaced by jubilation just to be outside again. Besides I was quickly becoming annoyed by these ungrateful miners and their boss…not too mention Grog’s groveling over an Amazon. To be honest she was a sight for sore eyes but I have other things on my mind.

My dreams have been clouded as of late……almost as if I am being consumed by nature. I can’t put my finger on it but my senses tell me something is happening to me. I have prayed to Silvanus for guidance but my god has been silent and I fear I have angered him. It is prudent that I take my leave soon from the group to take part in my grove’s annual ritual so I can show Silvanus my dedication. Being in the company of beautiful Nymphs doesn’t hurt either. “Laugh”

So Nyphstra and I headed out on horseback with my faithful companion Shadow guiding the way. I didn’t feel uneasy anymore….With the most powerful fighter I have ever seen on my side and my cunning faithful companion leading the way what could possibly go wrong?

Well it didn’t take long for that possibility to present itself in the form of our nemesis….the mangy Albino Half-Orc. As we rounded a bend, Shadow went nuts and started growling. Ahead of us standing in the middle of the road was Cullen ?
It quickly became apparent to us he was not there to chit chat. I could sense Nyphstra’s desire to vanquish this foe who had escaped us several times. I knew there was no way we were running from this fight! To be honest, being outside made me feel powerful and after what we had been through I wasn’t very concerned with one Albino half Orc….

“Stand aside or we will end you! We haven’t endured the face of evil to be threatened by the likes of you!”. I think my statement surprised Nyphstra who is not use to me speaking my mind. I think it charged her up because she dismounted and drew her massive sword. To be honest I was surprised when Cullen grinned and charged….I knew then that things were not what they seemed… be continued.

Out of the Darkness, Part II.

Out of nowhere, a flying wizard appeared and brought upon us a nasty fireball. “This is going to hurt!”. If only I had Shadow’s ability to avoid this stuff…. Best way to deal with a flyer is with a flyer….ah yes have fun with this you freak! As I cast a hippo griff upon the wizard, I could see the horror in his eyes as the Hippogriff proceeded to tear into him. The wizard seemed totally surprised and couldn’t defend himself….he lost this fight and I smiled as he fell to his death and bounced off the ground. I laughed a bit inside….was that the surprise that gave Cullen the audacity to attack us…now what Cullen? Are you going to run again? Nope!

“Defend Shadow!”….as Shadow defended me against the charging Cullen…I prepared myself for what I thought would be a glorious battle for Nyphystra as she would surely end the Albino Orc’s ugly existence. Before she could act, Cullen growled “Attack Knuckles!” “Knuckles?…oh boy” Out of the bushes came a deranged Ape…which I quickly identified as a Dire Ape. This animal is beyond my control and will have to be defeated sadly…. Knuckles went right after Shadow…I knew this would be a tough battle for my companion but he has seen worse.

I still wasn’t too concerned and felt pretty confident that we cold handle this encounter….I was wrong…. My smile and confidence was shaken as I felt the sting of a blade in my back. Another goon had presented himself and had to be dealt with. He hit me hard and I knew there was no way I could fight him toe to toe.

As Nyphystra and Shadow fended off Knuckles and Cullen I called upon my god once again and this time he answered. Clouds formed and the sky crackled with energy. With an evil grin in my eye I unleashed his fury in the form of a lightning bolt on my new foe. As the lightning penetrated his armor I could see the smoke rising and the smell of singed flesh. I was strangely excited by this….why do I feel so invincible right now?… be continued.

Out of the Darkness part III.
Nyphstra defeated the dire ape and then turned her attention to Cullen. Then once again the battle took a turn for the worse. A ranger by appearance joined the fray and now we were really outnumbered. Unfortunately for me my feeling of invincibility caused me not to pay attention to my own wounds and I was very negligent in my own care. As I healed Nyphystra my senses told me to flee by flight? “Flight?” ….I can’t fly I thought to myself…..
Crack!! Went the lightning and once again the fighter who was attacking me was struck by a vicious bolt of lightning and smoke rolled off his armor….the fact that he was still standing and very pissed told me I was in trouble. I knew it was time fly…..Yes fly! I started to transform but failed to realize the reach of the fighter’s weapon as he struck me. I felt the shadows start to take me and my only thought was to try to save Shadow and Nyphystra. They need help….as the final shadow took me I messaged/gestured to Shadow to get Twexlin. I knew he could find him. Then all went dark…

Journal of HS
notes from HS’s private log


Jan 25 2013 (should have been posted prior to the last game)

Journal of HS (notes from HS’s private log)
I really hope the scrolls and facts, plus the body we kept to speak with dead will shed enough light on the worm and undead issue to call this mission a success. I had a good time, but worry that I might not have complete the primary goals I was given. I say again that it is good to be back in the field, but I am worried that I might not be assigned to aid a party again for some time and I may have been too quick to get comfortable with my newest assignment. I am thankful to Lathander for the opportunity to destroy so much evil and prevent the ultimate manifestation that this Triad was attempting, but I worry that we will be unable to uncover the ultimate goals and meaning of the dark rituals without capturing anyone to question. In short, I am worried that the headstrong battle prone destroy the evil first and ask questions later mentality that I so enjoyed in this party at first may have undermined my core missions – this party’s steamroller take-no-prisoners attitude might prove my undoing as a field agent. I really do not want to go back to a pew.
I have already thanked Lathander for the aid in vanquishing the faceless one and the aspect. The gifts of dispel worked very well and Lathander’s grace helped keep the party fighting the aspect. I would have liked to have gotten in more hits myself so I need to make a note to pray for more align and magic weapon spells in the future. It might also be nice to delve into some additional weapons training. There are times when the utility of a sword might come in handy. I also need to review lessons learned on banishing outsiders and come prepared with a few tricks to overcome them in the future. It seems my superiors have decided I am ready to fight more than the undead. On the undead, I also need more practice. I am getting particularly tired of them returning after I have presented them with Lathander’s Light. I need to concentrate more on destroying them outright. Oh well, if I am forced to remain out of the field for a time at least I have training goals to reach.
I hope I can get a good deal on the restoration spells the party will need. They did fight bravely and are a strong force for good. Beyond that, it sounds like we need to bring up some issues with Daggerford leadership. The mine owner had to know what was going on down this shaft, some of the miners had to know as well, and at least one businessman was involved besides the network of letters found implicating others. We need to make some quick decisions on who will be talking to whom to get the word out to the appropriate individuals. I will report back to my superiors first for guidance, but plan, if permitted, to attend any meetings the party requires.

Dec 8 2012

Journal of HS (notes from HS’s private log)
It is good to be back in the field again after so long sitting around the church taking care of the regular duties there. This reassignment to Daggerford should prove interesting at least for the short term. The Triad to dismantle, undead to fight, green worms in the undead and living evil blood pools to investigate, followers of Bane to dispatch along with bonus followers from two additional evil gods – this should more than take up my free time. I am definitely glad to be out here where I don’t have to listen to the further discussions among the higher clergy and that bard concerning who will be doing what. They remind me of my family – always so concerned with moving or influencing the pieces on the board from a grand strategy perspective and never bothering to look much past what the piece can provide and certainly never entering the fray themselves.

So far, the party I have been assigned to help has been great as well – show up and jump into fighting. No sitting around talking or breaking bread – vanquishing evil right from the start just the way I like it and the exhilaration of being on the front lines again is wonderful. I already thanked Lathander for allowing me to rid the world of another Baneite. However, I am a little concerned that this adventuring group seems overly capable and will threfore only be looking for help in healing. If so, I may need to start jumping in front of their fighter when possible to make sure I get in a few hits in before being asked to provide Lathander’s grace. I am here to help and balance them and it is becoming obvious why I was sent, but it is so much more fun to personally vanquish.

25×25 Bloodpool thoughts: 1-It is sentient in some rudimentary respect and reacting to the actions of the group in the caves. 2-It is getting closer to some culmination. 3-It has an ebb and flow of actions (need to check this one at an hour opposite of the one I entered the caves). 4-The dead body this party threw into it was a bad idea. Possibilities: Undead of some type, Planer interaction (something to do with the dead gods and possibly an attempt to bring them back), Some kind of unholy version of water/unholy alter, all of the above?

I should also note that this party I was assigned to help has not seen any undead in these tunnels, but they have seen them elsewhere. Once this mission is over, I need to question them further and return there to make sure there are none left.

[Out of Ctr: Question – did the mage relate anything about the blood pool when the Harpers healed him? If so, did anyone give my ctr any indication of what it might be/what to look for? As for my ctr pondering on it, my rolls are (Knowledge) Religion: 14, Arcane: 26, History: 14, and the Planes: 23 (yep – two 20s that I wish I had saved for battle) if any of those provide further insight. I don’t know if you play 20+ on the skill rolls or not (I doubt it since I didn’t see anything in the house rules), but if so the Arcane and Planes rolls will be higher.]

Risar the half orc from mortal online

Twexlin's Journal

Finally got back into town today and oddly enough I decided to get my hands on this empty book to make a journal. I noticed that Grog had been sneaking off at times and I was curious about what he did with this privacy. Sneaking after him once I discovered that he was writing, he was also muttering to himself as he wrote. It seemed clear to me that Grog was keeping a journal. This was odd to me, I didn’t know Grog could even write, he seems to be full of surprises.
So I have decided to start a journal of my own, and let me start with saying that these past few weeks have been… interesting, more interesting than I’m used to at least.
I’ve fought all manner of strange beasts, cultists, and abominations. Some of the things of have encountered have been hard to believe. I’ve encountered beings that while remarkably human also contained characteristics of various beasts and creatures, in fact I have begun to understand the anatomy of these monstrous humanoids.
All in all, I have spent far too much time underground and I’ve grown to hate these tombs and mines, why would anyone ever want to descend below the ground, hell, I’d live in the trees, far above the ground, if i could. The underground is full of vicious and terrifying creatures that seem almost invincible, my arrows often shatter on their skins no matter where I hit them. I’ve encountered and narrowly survived all sorts of strange traps. I would have never suspected such terror could exist right below my feet.
Even so, the party has managed to defeat all of the foes that have come our way, even when the hopes of victory are low. I am growing to appreciate the members of the party although I still remain reserved and speak very little to them, I’ve never been much of a talker. Trust is a feeling I have seldom felt, but I feel as if I can trust these people, and hope that they trust me.
I think of my family still and long for the day of my vengeance against the giants. I haven’t detected any signs of giants and I know that it will be a long time before I can claim my revenge.
My thoughts sometime return to what the fortune teller said. When I asked about the giants, she said I would become a hero of Waterdeep. I can only imagine what my future holds.

Grog Lines

I saw farmers saved from bandits today.

It sounds simple, but two bandits perished. One fell to a stab wound; the other was cleaved in two by a rescuer. I’ve exploded the head of an owl bear, felled aberrations, burnt mounds of insects, and dropped an undead monstrosity, but it’s a little different when the vanquished evil is a living, breathing, speaking person.

My brethren say the human in me corrupts me with these “weak” thoughts. The look in the bandits eyes make me wonder if it’s the orc in me that is taken aback by the violence of “civilized” races. I see now why the druid and ranger like escaping to the forest and adventures escape to dungeons; it is so much simpler there with when to hold back and when to attack. I can’t wait to get back to the ease of the dungeon! Unfortunately, we still have a bone to pick with a necromancer. Heh! I made a funny. I must share that with the others before I forget!

That’s weird. I said the joke and the others just looked at me funny. I said it again and the ranger laughed. At least he has a sense of humor. I don’t understand; in the tavern everyone would laugh at my jokes, especially my babe. I miss her. She would’ve laughed and patted my head…

What is wrong with these monstrosities??? I’m getting tired of poking things with little effect. My spear is doing more than the druid’s weapon, but that’s not saying much. Usually just one or two pokes are good enough, but I had to keep plunging my long spear into those ugly, smelly things again and again and again for like two minutes before they stopped coming. Sadly, that fierce female fighter had to assist me a few times. Together, the pair of us is pretty effective. I hate it when she downs and finishes them before me, but I guess it is okay for her to beat me during fights. I mean, she IS a fighter after all.

Wait, beat me? BEAT ME? That must be the human talking. I, Grog, refuse to be impotent! I will not just lie down and be beaten continually by this female! Once in a while is understandable, but I swear I will learn to hold my own in any engagement without the female lending a hand or the druid’s needing to use his little wand. I’ll diversify, use stronger force, strike hard, and show everyone what Grog has to offer!!!

Oh dear lord! This is what a necromancer is? This is what a necromancer does? Ugh! Thank goodness the ranger ralphed before I did. I don’t think the others noticed that I was getting sick. Wait, they want to rest in this place? How can they stand the smell? This place smells worse than the druid’s wolf. Heck, the smell is so rancid that it almost smells as bad as the druid!

They wanted me to check out the body. Maybe I’m not cut out for alchemy and research. Hitting things is just so much easier…


Player Introductions

This is the introduction of the player characters, and how they come about entering the campaign.


Nyphystra Silvertree

Twexlin and Cha’ti


DM Dialogue

This will be a post that will insert dialogue from the perspective of friendly NPC’s, patrons, and villains alike. I as the DM will insert random dialogue that could be useful or entertaining to the player characters. Usually the dialogue is related to circumstances in the campaign as the PC’s adventure.

A Planned Meeting
A Meeting of the Minds
Information Shared

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Bardic Tale

This is the campaign story as told by a Patron Bard intimate with the knowledge and details of your adventuring party and missions. Talon’Var Kreshyn will archive your journey and chronologize it here, think of it as a living Heroic Tale.

I will also suggest party members create there own log to write up a story line from each of your own perspectives during the campaign. This will give you an opportunity to gain some bonus XP.

The Beginning


The Meeting, Session One

Into the Whispering Cairn, Session Two

Whispering Cairn Unleashes Havoc, Session Three

Whispering Cairn, Lair of the Laborers, Session Four

Whispering Cairn, Lair of the Laborers, Session Five

Whispering Cairn, Lair of the Architect, Session Six

Land Farmstead, Empty graves and the Owlbear, Session Seven

Daggerford, Investigation of Grave Robbing, Session Eight

Daggerford, Investigation and Gang Busting, Session Nine

Daggerford, Entry into the Old Observatory, Session Ten

Old Observatory, Assault on the Necromancer, Session Eleven

Departure and Planning, Session Twelve

Conclusion at the Whispering Cairn, Session Thirteen

Tyr Justice, and a dinner with Balaber Smenk, Session Fourteen

A deal made, Infiltrating the Mine, Session Fifteen

The Dark Cathedral, Into the Citadel of Bane, Session Sixteen

The Dark Cathedral, Banite Defenders Weakened, Session Seventeen

The Dark Cathedral, Banite Defenders Retreat, Session Eighteen

The Dark Cathedral, Heroes Defeat the Banites, Theldrick Runs, Session Nineteen

The Dark Cathedral, The Caves of Bhaal, Session Twenty

The Dark Cathedral, Descent into the Dark, Session Twenty One

The Dark Cathedral, Fight in the tunnels, over the bridge, Session Twenty Two

The Dark Cathedral, Grimlocks Die in Defense of the Cavern, Session Twenty Three

The Dark Cathedral, Grallak Kur, Prophet of Bhaal Dies, Session Twenty Four

The Dark Cathedral, Into the Labyrinth of Myrkul, Session Twenty Five

The Dark Cathedral, Labyrinth defenders defeated, Session Twenty Six

The Dark Cathedral, Confrontation with The Faceless One, Session Twenty Seven

The Dark Cathedral, The Rise and Fall of The Ebon Aspect, Session Twenty Eight

Return to Daggerford, Ambush!, Session Twenty Nine

Daggerford, Meetings, and RnR, Session Thirty


Nyphistra Silvertree Introduction

Nyphistra found herself leading a patrol west along the flooded banks of the Delimbiyr. It was early in Mirtul “The Melting”; the patrol had been riding for little more then a day’s ride out of Daggerford. Her patrol consisted of a couple raw recruits and a handful of warriors with some experience. She was happy to see that the garrison commander had the wisdom to assign an experienced scout. Her scout known only as Reaver was currently out ahead seeking a safe place for the patrol to rest for the evening, and still have a good vantage point of the river. Recent clashes with lizardmen from the Lizard Marsh produced more and more patrols between Daggerford and Criam Hold. Criam Hold was the only bastion of defense between the foreboding swamp, and “The Trade Way”; one of the busiest caravan routes in the realms. As the patrol moved slowly along the bank they were soon hailed by Reaver. The scout was kneeling from a large crag that hung over a nice clearing protected on one side by a log jam. Nyphistra barked an order to set camp, asked one of her sergeants to post guards then dismounted. Nyphistra made her way to the top to join Reaver on the crag for a view of the terrain. Reaver offered his waterskin to Nyphistra as he continued to scan the river to the south. The two of them sat talking about the skirmish they encountered early in the patrol, and what the next day had in store for them. Criam Hold was only a few hours journey, but the Garrison commander explicitly ordered they circumnavigate the Hold and travel further west before turning north and returning back to Daggerford.
As the two sat in silence they watched the camp busy with preparation. Reaver broke the silence by asking Nyphistra a question, “Do you enjoy your work?” Nyphistra looked at Reaver and thought deeply about her current position in the Garrison and where it might lead. Before she could answer Reaver posed another question, “Would you be interested in a chance to uproot evil, and make a bigger difference then the one you make now?” Nyphistra paused then stopped herself from answering before making a fool of her self in front of someone she hardly knew. Hmmn, what was this scout getting at? Was he questioning his own future or was he seriously gauging her before he proposed something. Either way she was interested in hearing what he had to say. Nyphistra answered the scout, “Spill it Reaver, what do you have to say, and don’t beat around the bush, it bores me”………”Well it starts with a map I came across……..”
Reaver finished his tale then watched the Aasimar’s response, she appeared to be intrigued, but you never know how a follower of Torm will react when larceny was involved in some small part. To be honest the cartographer offered to sell it, but the price was to steep. Reaver thought it easier to pay a thief to extricate the item for half the price. Besides, it was for the good of the people, and lives would be saved in the end. As Reaver watched Nyphistra think through the options she had, he could tell already she could not resist a good adventure, it was in her blood. Nyphistra stood up, looked Reaver in the eyes, “You got a deal, I will meet you in five days after we conclude this patrol, but I want your mind on this duty, not the one you’re recruiting for”. The two of them shook hands then got back to the business at hand.

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Grog Introduction
It is Mirtul “The Melting”, 1374 DR the Year of Lightning Storms in the town of Daggerford. Grog finds himself at “The Emporium” working behind one of a handful of bars within the large fest hall like establishment. This evening’s crowd was much like any other night which included a variety of patrons. Grog the Half-Orc mixed his drinks, served up snacks, and told jokes to the customers, but always had an ear open to the conversations that surrounded him. Grog always thought it was amazing how much information could be heard just wiping the bar, pouring a drink, or cleaning a table. This day brought his newly acquired friend, a human by the name of Reaver back to the bar. Reaver always sat at a corner booth, and rarely had companions with him, but today a male Air Genasi sat across from him speaking in hush tones. Grog made his way around the tables and skirted the booths pretending to clean and greet customers. Grog was able to hear bits and pieces of conversation, but it did not make quite sense to him. It sounded like Reaver was to meet some representatives from The Bronzewood Lodge in three or four day’s time along the Delimbiyr River. Grog knew Reaver did some freelance scouting for the garrison, and for Fairfortune Hall, the temple dedicated to Tymora “Lady Luck”. He did not know who the Genasi was, but he had a mysterious and secretive look to him. The Air Genasi dressed in worn travel attire, and appeared to be well equiped. Grog thought it best not to interrupt them and chose to ignore them as he passed by the booth. Grog ended his shift and noticed that Reaver had come back to the bar later in the day. As Reaver sat down he waved and motioned for Grog to join him for a drink. Grog’s interest was already piqued from the earlier snippets of conversation he had heard. Reaver slid an ale across the table, and greeted Grog with a hearty handshake. After about 15 minutes of small talk Reaver looked around then in a hushed tone asked if Grog was happy with the coin he made. Reaver then asked if Grog wanted to aspire to make more coin, and at the same time gain a sense of worth within the community. Reaver offered a chance for adventure, but also a chance to make a difference in the region. Reaver would not specify how or when, but he did ask Grog to keep an open mind, and expect a meeting in four days time. Directions to a gathering place will be provided once he knows Grog’s intent is to seek further information; if not he will not be provided the gathering places details, or any further contact for that matter. Grog knew Reaver was a secretive sort for the most part, Grog did not know much about him other than what rumors there were about his abduction by Drow, and missing for several years. Reaver always seemed like an upstanding man, and tipped well. He always behaved himself, but not too many people messed with him since he had strong ties within the Garrison and the Head Priest of Tymora. Grog had a decision to make, and from the sounds of it, he had to make it soon or be left out of whatever adventurous task Reaver has in mind. Grog knew that any time away from “The Emporium” would be ok since the work sucked, the skill set he had was always in need within such a town as Daggerford, and he had connections that owed him favors. What will Grog decide? Fate only knows….


Twexlin and Cha ti Introduction

It seems like eons since the two of you left the Dalelands to begin your pilgrimage west. The journey took nearly two months of travel, both by foot, and caravan. Your travels through Cormyr, and the Western Heartlands has placed you in The Bronzewood Lodge, a sacred grove about ninety miles southwest of Daggerford. Up until a fort night ago you both were starting to think the whole idea of making the journey was a waste of time. It seems that your talents were not being put to great use in helping support the Lodge as one of its wards. Recently, a small contingent of scouts in support of the Bronzewood went missing, and rumor has it that they were slain in a ambush. The latest gossip speaks of strange undead roaming the foothills, lizard folk on the war path, and a large black dragon was seen flying west of the Misty forest. None of this has merit, and not one rumor has been confirmed by any of the keepers of the lodge. Today as you were prepareing to eat your breakfast the two of you were approached by Nogwier the Arch Druid of The Bronzewood Lodge. He leans over your table and whispers a request for a private audience at high sun, then quickly steps away to speak to another that was also sharing the commons room.

At high sun the two of you seek the Arch Druids private grove, and await his arrival. As your suddenly cast in shadow and a strong gust of wind hits you, a giant eagle lightly settles on the emerald grass within the center of the small grove. All of a sudden the Arch druid appears, his transformation from giant eagle back to human in just a blur. Nogwier calms the two of you and begins informing you about what he has seen in his meditations, and also what he has been able to confirm in his travels. After a short conversation with the elder, the two of you take your leave and ponder the mission the Arch Druid has bestowed upon you both. It appears you will be leaving at first light of the next day to make your way to Daggerford. Prior to arriving in Daggerford you are to meet a man by the name of Reaver on the south bank of the Delimbiyr adjacent to a half submerged river boat. Reaver is a loyalist to the Bronzewood Lodge and acts as a liaison with Daggerford. The man is native to the area, and should be a great asset while the two of you are in Daggerford. Nogwier wanted you to find out anything that could affect the region, and anything that could jeapordize the future of the Bronzewood Lodge. It would appear that the lodge has been hit real hard from the recent events, and is running thin on wardens. It is Mirtul “The Melting”, 1374 DR the Year of Lightning Storms, and you find yourself three days northwest of the Bronzewood Lodge just south of the Delimbiyr River. You are currently walking west along the bank seeking the half sub-merged river boat Nogwier spoke of. You were told to meet here in three or four days time so that you can rendesvous with your contact. The sky is overcast, and it is late afternoon with a slight chill in the air. This is typical weather for late spring in the Western Heartlands. Just before the sun sets you spy the remnants of a large boat sticking out of the muddy bank, across the river you see the twinkle of lights, most likly Daggerford in the distance. The one thing that stands out right away is how foul the water is, and how smoky the air is. It reminds you of some of the cities you traveled through on your pilgrimage; you have clearly found the outskirts of civilization.

Now you just sit waiting for your contact to show himself…….

Elf ranger


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