Forgotten Realms: Age of Worms

Bardic Tale

This is the campaign story as told by a Patron Bard intimate with the knowledge and details of your adventuring party and missions. Talon’Var Kreshyn will archive your journey and chronologize it here, think of it as a living Heroic Tale.

I will also suggest party members create there own log to write up a story line from each of your own perspectives during the campaign. This will give you an opportunity to gain some bonus XP.

The Beginning


The Meeting, Session One

Into the Whispering Cairn, Session Two

Whispering Cairn Unleashes Havoc, Session Three

Whispering Cairn, Lair of the Laborers, Session Four

Whispering Cairn, Lair of the Laborers, Session Five

Whispering Cairn, Lair of the Architect, Session Six

Land Farmstead, Empty graves and the Owlbear, Session Seven

Daggerford, Investigation of Grave Robbing, Session Eight

Daggerford, Investigation and Gang Busting, Session Nine

Daggerford, Entry into the Old Observatory, Session Ten

Old Observatory, Assault on the Necromancer, Session Eleven

Departure and Planning, Session Twelve

Conclusion at the Whispering Cairn, Session Thirteen

Tyr Justice, and a dinner with Balaber Smenk, Session Fourteen

A deal made, Infiltrating the Mine, Session Fifteen

The Dark Cathedral, Into the Citadel of Bane, Session Sixteen

The Dark Cathedral, Banite Defenders Weakened, Session Seventeen

The Dark Cathedral, Banite Defenders Retreat, Session Eighteen

The Dark Cathedral, Heroes Defeat the Banites, Theldrick Runs, Session Nineteen

The Dark Cathedral, The Caves of Bhaal, Session Twenty

The Dark Cathedral, Descent into the Dark, Session Twenty One

The Dark Cathedral, Fight in the tunnels, over the bridge, Session Twenty Two

The Dark Cathedral, Grimlocks Die in Defense of the Cavern, Session Twenty Three

The Dark Cathedral, Grallak Kur, Prophet of Bhaal Dies, Session Twenty Four

The Dark Cathedral, Into the Labyrinth of Myrkul, Session Twenty Five

The Dark Cathedral, Labyrinth defenders defeated, Session Twenty Six

The Dark Cathedral, Confrontation with The Faceless One, Session Twenty Seven

The Dark Cathedral, The Rise and Fall of The Ebon Aspect, Session Twenty Eight

Return to Daggerford, Ambush!, Session Twenty Nine

Daggerford, Meetings, and RnR, Session Thirty




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