Forgotten Realms: Age of Worms

Grog Introduction

It is Mirtul “The Melting”, 1374 DR the Year of Lightning Storms in the town of Daggerford. Grog finds himself at “The Emporium” working behind one of a handful of bars within the large fest hall like establishment. This evening’s crowd was much like any other night which included a variety of patrons. Grog the Half-Orc mixed his drinks, served up snacks, and told jokes to the customers, but always had an ear open to the conversations that surrounded him. Grog always thought it was amazing how much information could be heard just wiping the bar, pouring a drink, or cleaning a table. This day brought his newly acquired friend, a human by the name of Reaver back to the bar. Reaver always sat at a corner booth, and rarely had companions with him, but today a male Air Genasi sat across from him speaking in hush tones. Grog made his way around the tables and skirted the booths pretending to clean and greet customers. Grog was able to hear bits and pieces of conversation, but it did not make quite sense to him. It sounded like Reaver was to meet some representatives from The Bronzewood Lodge in three or four day’s time along the Delimbiyr River. Grog knew Reaver did some freelance scouting for the garrison, and for Fairfortune Hall, the temple dedicated to Tymora “Lady Luck”. He did not know who the Genasi was, but he had a mysterious and secretive look to him. The Air Genasi dressed in worn travel attire, and appeared to be well equiped. Grog thought it best not to interrupt them and chose to ignore them as he passed by the booth. Grog ended his shift and noticed that Reaver had come back to the bar later in the day. As Reaver sat down he waved and motioned for Grog to join him for a drink. Grog’s interest was already piqued from the earlier snippets of conversation he had heard. Reaver slid an ale across the table, and greeted Grog with a hearty handshake. After about 15 minutes of small talk Reaver looked around then in a hushed tone asked if Grog was happy with the coin he made. Reaver then asked if Grog wanted to aspire to make more coin, and at the same time gain a sense of worth within the community. Reaver offered a chance for adventure, but also a chance to make a difference in the region. Reaver would not specify how or when, but he did ask Grog to keep an open mind, and expect a meeting in four days time. Directions to a gathering place will be provided once he knows Grog’s intent is to seek further information; if not he will not be provided the gathering places details, or any further contact for that matter. Grog knew Reaver was a secretive sort for the most part, Grog did not know much about him other than what rumors there were about his abduction by Drow, and missing for several years. Reaver always seemed like an upstanding man, and tipped well. He always behaved himself, but not too many people messed with him since he had strong ties within the Garrison and the Head Priest of Tymora. Grog had a decision to make, and from the sounds of it, he had to make it soon or be left out of whatever adventurous task Reaver has in mind. Grog knew that any time away from “The Emporium” would be ok since the work sucked, the skill set he had was always in need within such a town as Daggerford, and he had connections that owed him favors. What will Grog decide? Fate only knows….




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