Forgotten Realms: Age of Worms

Journal of Cha'ti the Caller

Out of the Darkness. Part I

Ahhh…the light! I was thrilled when the party decided that Nyphstra and I would proceed to town ahead of the group. Although I knew it wasn’t wise to break up the group, my uneasy feeling was quickly replaced by jubilation just to be outside again. Besides I was quickly becoming annoyed by these ungrateful miners and their boss…not too mention Grog’s groveling over an Amazon. To be honest she was a sight for sore eyes but I have other things on my mind.

My dreams have been clouded as of late……almost as if I am being consumed by nature. I can’t put my finger on it but my senses tell me something is happening to me. I have prayed to Silvanus for guidance but my god has been silent and I fear I have angered him. It is prudent that I take my leave soon from the group to take part in my grove’s annual ritual so I can show Silvanus my dedication. Being in the company of beautiful Nymphs doesn’t hurt either. “Laugh”

So Nyphstra and I headed out on horseback with my faithful companion Shadow guiding the way. I didn’t feel uneasy anymore….With the most powerful fighter I have ever seen on my side and my cunning faithful companion leading the way what could possibly go wrong?

Well it didn’t take long for that possibility to present itself in the form of our nemesis….the mangy Albino Half-Orc. As we rounded a bend, Shadow went nuts and started growling. Ahead of us standing in the middle of the road was Cullen ?
It quickly became apparent to us he was not there to chit chat. I could sense Nyphstra’s desire to vanquish this foe who had escaped us several times. I knew there was no way we were running from this fight! To be honest, being outside made me feel powerful and after what we had been through I wasn’t very concerned with one Albino half Orc….

“Stand aside or we will end you! We haven’t endured the face of evil to be threatened by the likes of you!”. I think my statement surprised Nyphstra who is not use to me speaking my mind. I think it charged her up because she dismounted and drew her massive sword. To be honest I was surprised when Cullen grinned and charged….I knew then that things were not what they seemed… be continued.

Out of the Darkness, Part II.

Out of nowhere, a flying wizard appeared and brought upon us a nasty fireball. “This is going to hurt!”. If only I had Shadow’s ability to avoid this stuff…. Best way to deal with a flyer is with a flyer….ah yes have fun with this you freak! As I cast a hippo griff upon the wizard, I could see the horror in his eyes as the Hippogriff proceeded to tear into him. The wizard seemed totally surprised and couldn’t defend himself….he lost this fight and I smiled as he fell to his death and bounced off the ground. I laughed a bit inside….was that the surprise that gave Cullen the audacity to attack us…now what Cullen? Are you going to run again? Nope!

“Defend Shadow!”….as Shadow defended me against the charging Cullen…I prepared myself for what I thought would be a glorious battle for Nyphystra as she would surely end the Albino Orc’s ugly existence. Before she could act, Cullen growled “Attack Knuckles!” “Knuckles?…oh boy” Out of the bushes came a deranged Ape…which I quickly identified as a Dire Ape. This animal is beyond my control and will have to be defeated sadly…. Knuckles went right after Shadow…I knew this would be a tough battle for my companion but he has seen worse.

I still wasn’t too concerned and felt pretty confident that we cold handle this encounter….I was wrong…. My smile and confidence was shaken as I felt the sting of a blade in my back. Another goon had presented himself and had to be dealt with. He hit me hard and I knew there was no way I could fight him toe to toe.

As Nyphystra and Shadow fended off Knuckles and Cullen I called upon my god once again and this time he answered. Clouds formed and the sky crackled with energy. With an evil grin in my eye I unleashed his fury in the form of a lightning bolt on my new foe. As the lightning penetrated his armor I could see the smoke rising and the smell of singed flesh. I was strangely excited by this….why do I feel so invincible right now?… be continued.

Out of the Darkness part III.
Nyphstra defeated the dire ape and then turned her attention to Cullen. Then once again the battle took a turn for the worse. A ranger by appearance joined the fray and now we were really outnumbered. Unfortunately for me my feeling of invincibility caused me not to pay attention to my own wounds and I was very negligent in my own care. As I healed Nyphystra my senses told me to flee by flight? “Flight?” ….I can’t fly I thought to myself…..
Crack!! Went the lightning and once again the fighter who was attacking me was struck by a vicious bolt of lightning and smoke rolled off his armor….the fact that he was still standing and very pissed told me I was in trouble. I knew it was time fly…..Yes fly! I started to transform but failed to realize the reach of the fighter’s weapon as he struck me. I felt the shadows start to take me and my only thought was to try to save Shadow and Nyphystra. They need help….as the final shadow took me I messaged/gestured to Shadow to get Twexlin. I knew he could find him. Then all went dark…


Darin, it was good to read everyone’s journals again as a refresher. I really like what you wrote. Great job.

Journal of Cha'ti the Caller

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