Forgotten Realms: Age of Worms

Journal of HS

notes from HS’s private log


Jan 25 2013 (should have been posted prior to the last game)

Journal of HS (notes from HS’s private log)
I really hope the scrolls and facts, plus the body we kept to speak with dead will shed enough light on the worm and undead issue to call this mission a success. I had a good time, but worry that I might not have complete the primary goals I was given. I say again that it is good to be back in the field, but I am worried that I might not be assigned to aid a party again for some time and I may have been too quick to get comfortable with my newest assignment. I am thankful to Lathander for the opportunity to destroy so much evil and prevent the ultimate manifestation that this Triad was attempting, but I worry that we will be unable to uncover the ultimate goals and meaning of the dark rituals without capturing anyone to question. In short, I am worried that the headstrong battle prone destroy the evil first and ask questions later mentality that I so enjoyed in this party at first may have undermined my core missions – this party’s steamroller take-no-prisoners attitude might prove my undoing as a field agent. I really do not want to go back to a pew.
I have already thanked Lathander for the aid in vanquishing the faceless one and the aspect. The gifts of dispel worked very well and Lathander’s grace helped keep the party fighting the aspect. I would have liked to have gotten in more hits myself so I need to make a note to pray for more align and magic weapon spells in the future. It might also be nice to delve into some additional weapons training. There are times when the utility of a sword might come in handy. I also need to review lessons learned on banishing outsiders and come prepared with a few tricks to overcome them in the future. It seems my superiors have decided I am ready to fight more than the undead. On the undead, I also need more practice. I am getting particularly tired of them returning after I have presented them with Lathander’s Light. I need to concentrate more on destroying them outright. Oh well, if I am forced to remain out of the field for a time at least I have training goals to reach.
I hope I can get a good deal on the restoration spells the party will need. They did fight bravely and are a strong force for good. Beyond that, it sounds like we need to bring up some issues with Daggerford leadership. The mine owner had to know what was going on down this shaft, some of the miners had to know as well, and at least one businessman was involved besides the network of letters found implicating others. We need to make some quick decisions on who will be talking to whom to get the word out to the appropriate individuals. I will report back to my superiors first for guidance, but plan, if permitted, to attend any meetings the party requires.

Dec 8 2012

Journal of HS (notes from HS’s private log)
It is good to be back in the field again after so long sitting around the church taking care of the regular duties there. This reassignment to Daggerford should prove interesting at least for the short term. The Triad to dismantle, undead to fight, green worms in the undead and living evil blood pools to investigate, followers of Bane to dispatch along with bonus followers from two additional evil gods – this should more than take up my free time. I am definitely glad to be out here where I don’t have to listen to the further discussions among the higher clergy and that bard concerning who will be doing what. They remind me of my family – always so concerned with moving or influencing the pieces on the board from a grand strategy perspective and never bothering to look much past what the piece can provide and certainly never entering the fray themselves.

So far, the party I have been assigned to help has been great as well – show up and jump into fighting. No sitting around talking or breaking bread – vanquishing evil right from the start just the way I like it and the exhilaration of being on the front lines again is wonderful. I already thanked Lathander for allowing me to rid the world of another Baneite. However, I am a little concerned that this adventuring group seems overly capable and will threfore only be looking for help in healing. If so, I may need to start jumping in front of their fighter when possible to make sure I get in a few hits in before being asked to provide Lathander’s grace. I am here to help and balance them and it is becoming obvious why I was sent, but it is so much more fun to personally vanquish.

25×25 Bloodpool thoughts: 1-It is sentient in some rudimentary respect and reacting to the actions of the group in the caves. 2-It is getting closer to some culmination. 3-It has an ebb and flow of actions (need to check this one at an hour opposite of the one I entered the caves). 4-The dead body this party threw into it was a bad idea. Possibilities: Undead of some type, Planer interaction (something to do with the dead gods and possibly an attempt to bring them back), Some kind of unholy version of water/unholy alter, all of the above?

I should also note that this party I was assigned to help has not seen any undead in these tunnels, but they have seen them elsewhere. Once this mission is over, I need to question them further and return there to make sure there are none left.

[Out of Ctr: Question – did the mage relate anything about the blood pool when the Harpers healed him? If so, did anyone give my ctr any indication of what it might be/what to look for? As for my ctr pondering on it, my rolls are (Knowledge) Religion: 14, Arcane: 26, History: 14, and the Planes: 23 (yep – two 20s that I wish I had saved for battle) if any of those provide further insight. I don’t know if you play 20+ on the skill rolls or not (I doubt it since I didn’t see anything in the house rules), but if so the Arcane and Planes rolls will be higher.]

Risar the half orc from mortal online


Azeryth had a feeling the pool was both dangerous and evil to the touch, but nobody has tested his theory. He disagreed with throwing a corpse in, but the damage was done. It appears that someone had been throwing sacrifices into the pool based on the clues the party found arount it. The pool has definitely stirred and looks to be more active since they first investigated.

Journal of HS

Throwing the corpse in was a bad idea? Whoops. Guess I should have questioned it. Actually, I guess I never do question what people ask me to do. After the whole “Break the seal on the cauldron” thing, the “Go ahead and disarm the trap” thing, the “Go out and say hi to the evil demon” thing… Yeah, maybe I should start to ask, “Is this a good idea?”

I like HS though. I thought our tactics would scare him off, but he seems to not only be going with the flow, he seems to be enjoying it! It’s weird; people gave the last magic user such a hard time, but no one has said anything negative about HS. Maybe they are afraid that a bad word will equate to no heal, or they are just afraid of what he did to that shade thing. Brain hurtz. Spear needs sharpening. Ah, sharpened spear!

Journal of HS

Love the way you described your role in the battle…well done.

Journal of HS

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