Forgotten Realms: Age of Worms

Nyphistra Silvertree Introduction

Nyphistra found herself leading a patrol west along the flooded banks of the Delimbiyr. It was early in Mirtul “The Melting”; the patrol had been riding for little more then a day’s ride out of Daggerford. Her patrol consisted of a couple raw recruits and a handful of warriors with some experience. She was happy to see that the garrison commander had the wisdom to assign an experienced scout. Her scout known only as Reaver was currently out ahead seeking a safe place for the patrol to rest for the evening, and still have a good vantage point of the river. Recent clashes with lizardmen from the Lizard Marsh produced more and more patrols between Daggerford and Criam Hold. Criam Hold was the only bastion of defense between the foreboding swamp, and “The Trade Way”; one of the busiest caravan routes in the realms. As the patrol moved slowly along the bank they were soon hailed by Reaver. The scout was kneeling from a large crag that hung over a nice clearing protected on one side by a log jam. Nyphistra barked an order to set camp, asked one of her sergeants to post guards then dismounted. Nyphistra made her way to the top to join Reaver on the crag for a view of the terrain. Reaver offered his waterskin to Nyphistra as he continued to scan the river to the south. The two of them sat talking about the skirmish they encountered early in the patrol, and what the next day had in store for them. Criam Hold was only a few hours journey, but the Garrison commander explicitly ordered they circumnavigate the Hold and travel further west before turning north and returning back to Daggerford.
As the two sat in silence they watched the camp busy with preparation. Reaver broke the silence by asking Nyphistra a question, “Do you enjoy your work?” Nyphistra looked at Reaver and thought deeply about her current position in the Garrison and where it might lead. Before she could answer Reaver posed another question, “Would you be interested in a chance to uproot evil, and make a bigger difference then the one you make now?” Nyphistra paused then stopped herself from answering before making a fool of her self in front of someone she hardly knew. Hmmn, what was this scout getting at? Was he questioning his own future or was he seriously gauging her before he proposed something. Either way she was interested in hearing what he had to say. Nyphistra answered the scout, “Spill it Reaver, what do you have to say, and don’t beat around the bush, it bores me”………”Well it starts with a map I came across……..”
Reaver finished his tale then watched the Aasimar’s response, she appeared to be intrigued, but you never know how a follower of Torm will react when larceny was involved in some small part. To be honest the cartographer offered to sell it, but the price was to steep. Reaver thought it easier to pay a thief to extricate the item for half the price. Besides, it was for the good of the people, and lives would be saved in the end. As Reaver watched Nyphistra think through the options she had, he could tell already she could not resist a good adventure, it was in her blood. Nyphistra stood up, looked Reaver in the eyes, “You got a deal, I will meet you in five days after we conclude this patrol, but I want your mind on this duty, not the one you’re recruiting for”. The two of them shook hands then got back to the business at hand.

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