Forgotten Realms: Age of Worms

Player Introductions

This is the introduction of the player characters, and how they come about entering the campaign.


Nyphystra Silvertree

Twexlin and Cha’ti



Day 18 (or so)

I still don’t understand these “Adventures.” All we ever do is walk and talk. Well, Grog just walk mostly. When Grog talk, people usually just get confused. People smart, though, because they don’t disagree with Grog; they just change the subject.

Why are people always changing the subject? Guard asked us to leave weapons at front gate. I put down my longspear, shortspear, greatclub, puny club, glaive, daggers, acid, sling, bolts, caltrops, hammer, pick axe, grappling hook, rope, crowbar, shovel… and they stopped me! I was just complying. When I looked up, they had let the fighter through with a safety tie. Really? A huge frickin’ sword and a little tie is all they required? And when I asked if they could tie my weapons, they started to laugh, but stopped quickly. They said they got sumthin in their throat and had to cough. They said they’d take good care of my stuff. They better, or I’ll use that shovel and grappling hook in interesting ways! Heh heh. NOW Grog tell joke. Heh!

I am so happy I am no longer a bartender. All this talk of negotiations and mining disputes with this hungry slob of a mine-owning slumlord is making my head turn. Er, spin. The wolf has more table manners than him! He is offering us a job, but I’m not quite sure what it is. “Cleaning out a kald?” I hope “Kald” is not another word for kitchen, because it has got to be filthy. Oh, “Cult!” He expects to understand him with his mouth half full? Or maybe I am just not so good with this “talking” thing. I asked my Babe, and she said to try to find common ground. Hmmm…

“Have you ever tried Owl Bear meat!” “No?” “Um, you should; it’s good!”

That didn’t work. Maybe I could appeal to his rich and powerful side! “Do you have any good relations with merchants? I bet they give you good discounts. Can you put in a good word for us? It could help us prepare for this mission! What do we need? … Uh I have a pile of weapons already. Literally. So, maybe wands? Oh, I know! We could use a wand of silence for those things the bad guys are using! You know, the blowy things. Whistles? What do you mean, ‘Horn?’ Those don’t make noise. Oh, you mean the horns that make noise! Yeah, so maybe something like that?”

Why is everyone looking at me again. This is frustrating! I can’t take this any longer.

“Why don’t we just leave for now, think it over, and come back tomorrow?”

Huh? Everyone just said that’s a great idea. Is everyone else as frustrated as I am? They actually look happy. I guess I did good! Maybe this isn’t that hard! I, uh, I’m just gonna keep my jaw shut and leave. At least this kind of ended with a win!

They kept good care of my weapons. Great! Now let’s see, which one goes in first. Then second. Where’d that second dagger go? Oh, the bolts are poisoned, they should be put close together. … Okay and finally, the shovel! Wait, these other adventurers have been doing this for longer than me. Why does the druid only have a stick? Maybe it’s to play fetch with fluffy? I guess he doesn’t know how to use weapons. Maybe I should teach him. That’s it! I’ll teach him, and I’ll start with the shovel! He’ll be so happy!!! … He looked at me funny. Maybe he’s just not cut out to get in a real fight. Heh, can’t even use a shovel…

Player Introductions


My worst fear has happened! I hate to admit it, but I have turned into a, a, a, … a tree-hugger!

I have been hanging around that dang druid too much. That can be the only reason. Then again, I still don’t know what I would have done differently if I had the chance to do it all again.

You know, I don’t think the party so much “plans” well. They sent me to find another entrance, er, exit, er path from the mine without even knowing if one existed. The amazing thing is I did it! The problem is the path opened up into the deep jungle full of plants, dirt, a few trees, and a few other, um, things. … I think I should have paid a little more attention in survival training. All I remember from my training is if I don’t know where I am, hug a tree. That was before I learned the term, “tree-hugger,” though. I never thought I’d actually be put in this situation. Sigh. I even almost broke the tree I found. I’m not even a good tree-hugger. Maybe I need to hang out with the druid more.

Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen the druid actually hug a tree. The ranger and druid pretty much walk around them pretty effortlessly. I am picking up a few things from them, too! Like, do not walk behind the wolf, because he still is not exactly trained, and it could get messy and smelly. Maybe that’s why the druid smells so bad; he probably forgets this rule. Maybe he can learn a few things from me!

On the bright side, the lady fighter ain’t as evil as I thought she was! When the party finally found me, she patted my head and said, “Good job!” I hope my girly friend doesn’t get jealous, but I might actually try to learn the fighter’s name! It’s a good thing she and the ranger went down the elevator first. I heard they made short work of the scouts. If the mage and druid went down instead … nah, it’s too easy. Heh. Heh heh.

All in all, I think things are going okay. I knew the pick axe would come in handy. I needed to disquise myself to infiltrate the mine, so I put my long spear away, pulled out my pick axe and shovel, and I fit right in! The miners actually chatted with me without using coins or bribes! I think I’m starting to get a hang of this “adventuring” thing. We’ll see.

I think we’re at a door with bad guys behind it. It’s kind of comforting thinking that we’re headed back for some good old mindless violence. Using my head hurts after a while. It’s funny, hitting things and being hit back hurts less than trying to use my noggin sometimes…

Player Introductions

How can I hit things when it’s dark!!! How can things be dark when I have dark-vision? Maybe that’s why I was more unnerved than the others, I have never truly been in the dark before. … Magic sux.

On the other hand, fighter lady is nicer and nicer. She brought me back to life after I was getting devoured! Then, she even stepped in to beat up the beasty. I tried to help, too and growled fiercely at the menace posed to strike. I think the druid tried to help, too, but I’m not really sure what he was doing hiding behind Nyphistra waving his hands around. Then again, I was still a little out of it. For a second, I even thought there were two of those monsters! I looked for another body, though, and didn’t find anything. It must have been my mind playing tricks on me. I hear darkness can do that to you.

It must’ve been playing tricks on the ranger, too, because I could swear an arrow of his found both Nyphistra’s back and mine. I can’t be mad, though, because many of the enemies had his arrows sticking out of them, too. It’s actually pretty dang impressive how someone could hit that many targets in the dark! I wonder what the mage and druid were doing while Nyphistra was hacking people apart and the ranger was putting them out of their misery. Well, I have to hand it to the druid; he had some blood on his quarterstaff, and it wasn’t his own! I think he actually hit something! Maybe I’m finally starting to rub off on him. About time for someone to learn from me! There may be hope for him yet.

Hmm… maybe I should give the mage my sling, so he can do something after he casts mage armor. I have a feeling that if I offer, it will sound like an insult. I still don’t talk so well. Maybe I’ll ask the ranger to ask him. The ranger understands me and talks good. Besides, if the mage misses, stones hurt less than arrows! Whoops. Note to self: do not use that line when asking the ranger for help. This dang diplomacy is tougher than it sounds…

Player Introductions

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