Forgotten Realms: Age of Worms

Twexlin and Cha ti Introduction

It seems like eons since the two of you left the Dalelands to begin your pilgrimage west. The journey took nearly two months of travel, both by foot, and caravan. Your travels through Cormyr, and the Western Heartlands has placed you in The Bronzewood Lodge, a sacred grove about ninety miles southwest of Daggerford. Up until a fort night ago you both were starting to think the whole idea of making the journey was a waste of time. It seems that your talents were not being put to great use in helping support the Lodge as one of its wards. Recently, a small contingent of scouts in support of the Bronzewood went missing, and rumor has it that they were slain in a ambush. The latest gossip speaks of strange undead roaming the foothills, lizard folk on the war path, and a large black dragon was seen flying west of the Misty forest. None of this has merit, and not one rumor has been confirmed by any of the keepers of the lodge. Today as you were prepareing to eat your breakfast the two of you were approached by Nogwier the Arch Druid of The Bronzewood Lodge. He leans over your table and whispers a request for a private audience at high sun, then quickly steps away to speak to another that was also sharing the commons room.

At high sun the two of you seek the Arch Druids private grove, and await his arrival. As your suddenly cast in shadow and a strong gust of wind hits you, a giant eagle lightly settles on the emerald grass within the center of the small grove. All of a sudden the Arch druid appears, his transformation from giant eagle back to human in just a blur. Nogwier calms the two of you and begins informing you about what he has seen in his meditations, and also what he has been able to confirm in his travels. After a short conversation with the elder, the two of you take your leave and ponder the mission the Arch Druid has bestowed upon you both. It appears you will be leaving at first light of the next day to make your way to Daggerford. Prior to arriving in Daggerford you are to meet a man by the name of Reaver on the south bank of the Delimbiyr adjacent to a half submerged river boat. Reaver is a loyalist to the Bronzewood Lodge and acts as a liaison with Daggerford. The man is native to the area, and should be a great asset while the two of you are in Daggerford. Nogwier wanted you to find out anything that could affect the region, and anything that could jeapordize the future of the Bronzewood Lodge. It would appear that the lodge has been hit real hard from the recent events, and is running thin on wardens. It is Mirtul “The Melting”, 1374 DR the Year of Lightning Storms, and you find yourself three days northwest of the Bronzewood Lodge just south of the Delimbiyr River. You are currently walking west along the bank seeking the half sub-merged river boat Nogwier spoke of. You were told to meet here in three or four days time so that you can rendesvous with your contact. The sky is overcast, and it is late afternoon with a slight chill in the air. This is typical weather for late spring in the Western Heartlands. Just before the sun sets you spy the remnants of a large boat sticking out of the muddy bank, across the river you see the twinkle of lights, most likly Daggerford in the distance. The one thing that stands out right away is how foul the water is, and how smoky the air is. It reminds you of some of the cities you traveled through on your pilgrimage; you have clearly found the outskirts of civilization.

Now you just sit waiting for your contact to show himself…….

Elf ranger



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