Forgotten Realms: Age of Worms

Twexlin's Journal

Finally got back into town today and oddly enough I decided to get my hands on this empty book to make a journal. I noticed that Grog had been sneaking off at times and I was curious about what he did with this privacy. Sneaking after him once I discovered that he was writing, he was also muttering to himself as he wrote. It seemed clear to me that Grog was keeping a journal. This was odd to me, I didn’t know Grog could even write, he seems to be full of surprises.
So I have decided to start a journal of my own, and let me start with saying that these past few weeks have been… interesting, more interesting than I’m used to at least.
I’ve fought all manner of strange beasts, cultists, and abominations. Some of the things of have encountered have been hard to believe. I’ve encountered beings that while remarkably human also contained characteristics of various beasts and creatures, in fact I have begun to understand the anatomy of these monstrous humanoids.
All in all, I have spent far too much time underground and I’ve grown to hate these tombs and mines, why would anyone ever want to descend below the ground, hell, I’d live in the trees, far above the ground, if i could. The underground is full of vicious and terrifying creatures that seem almost invincible, my arrows often shatter on their skins no matter where I hit them. I’ve encountered and narrowly survived all sorts of strange traps. I would have never suspected such terror could exist right below my feet.
Even so, the party has managed to defeat all of the foes that have come our way, even when the hopes of victory are low. I am growing to appreciate the members of the party although I still remain reserved and speak very little to them, I’ve never been much of a talker. Trust is a feeling I have seldom felt, but I feel as if I can trust these people, and hope that they trust me.
I think of my family still and long for the day of my vengeance against the giants. I haven’t detected any signs of giants and I know that it will be a long time before I can claim my revenge.
My thoughts sometime return to what the fortune teller said. When I asked about the giants, she said I would become a hero of Waterdeep. I can only imagine what my future holds.


Happy to see your journal from Twexlins perspective…Great start.

Twexlin's Journal

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