Half-Orc, Male, Rogue/Barbarian


HP 30; Str 20 5; Dex 16 +3; Con 12 +1; Int 16 +3; Wis 10 +0; Cha 8 -1;
Fort +4; Reflex +6; Will +1; Init +7;
AC 18; Touch 13; Flat-footed 15;
Atk +9; Dam 1d8
8; crit x3;
Disable +12; Hide +10; Jump +7; Climb +7; Open Lock +12; Search +14; Spot +7


Grog was born with the attention span of a newt. He’d say that, only to sneak away while others ponder what exactly that means, scratch their heads, and shrug it off with another brew.

Among half-orcs, Grog was dang good at what he does: disarms devices, opens locks (without breaking them), disappears into shadows, and moves without sounds. Unfortunately, among half-orcs, all this did what get him ridiculed by the tough and rough. What’s worse is Grog is dang bad at what he can’t do: connect with others through talk or deed.

To escape harassment and bullying, his guardians sent him to a school for rogues where he thought he would flourish. Unfortunately, Grog was nowhere near as skilled as halflings and elves, so here he was ridiculed as a lummox. He thought he had found his calling in recreational games where his mix of height, speed, strength and smarts was an actual advantage, until the wrong people took an interest and attempted to take advantage of him.

Not being able to do right in anything, he decided to fall back into the shadows figuratively as well as literally, so he could study others until he discovers the answer to the ultimate question: how does one act to be accepted? He started playing dumb, so people wouldn’t expect much from him. He started moving clumsy, so people would underestimate him. He found the less he tried and cared, the more people ignored him.

He frequented the Emperium to drink and people-watch. He effortlessly moved amongst the crowd to get better views of any situation. He disturbed nothing, except for occasional instances where he would lend a hand to unfortunate people being bullied or ridiculed by removing weapons, bumping into accosters, or appearing out of nowhere to convince a patron they might indeed be too drunk to know what was going on.

The biggest surprise in his life was when he was actually offered a job. When it happened, he thought he was being thrown out of the bar just for being him. Instead, they treated him with respect. He thought they had intended him to be a bouncer. However, on his first day the staff was shorthanded, and he was asked to step in as bartender. He did an amazing job with his brewing skills, his attention for coins, his intimidating size, his silent speed, his ability to listen, and, above all, his low self-worth which made it easy to hire him for very little.

He values those who are giving him the opportunity to live, and he loves his job. He gets to people watch, earn money, drink ale, practice brewing and gain self-value. Each day, he thanks the diety of luck, for surely that is the only reason his life has turned around so. Still young, he remains gullible, curious and naive. He is still not accepted by half-orcs, because he has a love of fun, freedom, luck and life. He strives to become stronger to get vengeance on bullies and repay his debt to his employers. Smile at him, laugh at his jokes, and he is yours to command … for now.


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