Human, Dawnbringer of Lathander



Current HP: 45 of 45
Turn Attempts Used: 0 of 10

Current Spells: [spells already used during current day in brackets]
DC 14 number 5 Cleric: 0th – detect magic , [guidance (DC 14)] , read magic , detect magic , resistance (DC 14);
15 4 1st – Hold Person (DC 15) , resurgence , shield of faith (DC 15) , magic weapon;
16 3 2nd – [Align weapon (DC 16)] , [spiritual weapon] , spiritual weapon;
17 2 3rd – dispel magic , dispel magic;
1st-Charm Person (option Endure Elements)
2nd-Heat Metal (option Restoration, Lesser)
3rd-[Searing Light] (option Remove Disease)

Favored alternate spells:
1st – protection from Evil (DC 15) ,
2nd – Cloud of Knives , shatter , Bull’s Strength , Silence
3rd – Magic Vestment

Heal Kit Charges used: 6
Heal kit per day limit used (no more than 1/2 total hp via heal kits each day)
-None yet since resting

Wand Charges used
CLW: 29
DM: 0

scroll of hold person
scroll of silence

Notes: None


H.S. Powers
H.S. stands for Healificanionious Stickafarianilapidus, but he will never give anyone any more information than just “call me H.S.” It also doesn’t take a very high sense motive (vs. H.S.’s relatively low Bluff) to realize that Powers is an assumed surname.

HS has a living brothers, sisters, mother, and father but refuses to talk about it and will start talking about the upcoming promise of a revelation from Lathander instead. Other than that topic and his hatred for evil and undead (which quickly slants any conversation on those topics), he tends to be a cheerful guy and willing to discuss a wide range of topics openly. Anyone who watches closely might also detect a difference between the typical “model” cleric haughtiness, good table manners, and protocols and H.S.’s versions. Anyone from the North that does a little digging might discover rumors that he is a disowned member of a noble house.

H.S. is a basic model cleric of Lathander. He is headstrong, prefers to jump in rather than strategize, despises undead and evil in general, and considers it his duty and joy to destroy them whenever possible. He is almost always steadfastly aligned with the wishes and interests of the Church as revealed to him by higher clerics although he prefers to serve Lathander in the field whenever possible. He therefore looks forward to new missions passed to him by church elders. He worships in quiet preferring deeds to words and does not tend to proselytize unless asked. H.S. sees himself as a footsoldier closely connected to his deity and prefers this to other positions within the church. He considers those with more martial training (paladins, etc) as important members, but less connected with Lathander while those with less martial training (cloistered clerics, etc) are more closely connected to Lathander but not part of the real fight. He generally gets along well in a good aligned (especially neutral and chaotic) party and doesn’t mind interacting with those of other faiths so he is often called upon when higher clergy choose to aid an adventurer or adventuring party whose purposes align with theirs (often noticed through their deeds and then scryed upon before a cleric is dispatched). In that role, H.S. understands he typically brings the healing power of Lathander to bear in aiding an otherwise gifted individual or group, but he prefers to fight first and heal later when possible. Typically, these are short mission specific events in search of undead or evil, but sometimes they are for longer periods as long as the church sees benefit in the alliance. Although H.S. has not yet experienced it, in discussion with fellow clerics he knows it is not unheard of for a cleric to be dropped directly into the fray via portal, door, or teleportation magic and sometimes even recalled by similar methods. H.S. currently has no interest in striking out on his own and plans to return to his home church or next assignment when recalled or reassigned and usually makes this very clear up front to anyone he aids. He also expects at least a partial share of any treasure from which he makes his donations, upgrades his items, and procures fresh wands (usually at, but sometimes below market price) from his contacts within the church before his next mission. He often includes any partially used wands in his donations at the end of a mission since he usually looses count of the charges anyway.

H.S is normally affiliated with a temple of Lathander located in the North, However, the priests there are moving away from martial intercession toward preaching the upcoming revelation of Lathander and that the time for conversion is now. H.S. doesn’t mind the rhetoric and firmly believes what they are saying, but the focus shift did not suit how he best feels he serves Lathander. Lathander’s clergy are not organized in a strict hierarchy so relocating closer to “the fight” was as simple as asking and receiving a list from higher clergy of options they felt might be a good match. Picking from the list after some discussion with his local network and prayer, H.S. recently relocated to the local temple in Daggerford called “The Morninglow Tower”, and quickly befriended by a local ranger/scout for the town garrison by the name of Reaver. Reaver introduced H.S. to a powerful bard (Talon) affiliated with a not so secret organization called the Harpers. This bard is friends with the local high priest of Lathander, Lightlord “Liam Sunmist”, and the Harpers have recently allied with the clergy of the Morning Lord to investigate recent events and sightings in the Daggerford area. H.S. is aware that Reaver is the adopted son of the high priest of Tymora, and is also allied with the Harpers as an agent. In this case Tymora and Lathander clergy have a good relationship, and both churches have ties to the Harpers which is why H.S. has been chosen to help the Harpers in the name of Lathander. With the help of Reaver and the Bard’s magic and influence, H.S. was easily placed in a position to enter the mine where a party of adventurers has already begun investigations, was informed of their mission, and brought up to speed based on the bard’s scrying and Reaver’s intel gathering. The levels below the mines contain an evil organization called the Cult of the Ebon Triad, which entails Bane, Bhaal, and Myrkul. H.S. was told that the party had lost its wizard in battle to a Banite priest, but the Harpers had placed a contingency spell on the wizard which facilitated whisking him to safety before he died of his wounds. The Harpers revived and questioned him. To get H.S. into the mines, Talon persuaded the mine boss and allow H.S. entry to the mine shaft and lower levels, Reaver provided overland scout services that brought H.S. to the mines entry, and H.S was able to use some diplomacy to get one of the workers to lead him to the shaft elevator where H.S. fortuitously encountered the party.

H.S.’s mission: gain the trust of the party, help them in their mission to unearth more clues into what is going on and how the Ebon Triad is involved, gain as much info as possible in regards to the little green worm the party found and how it plays a role in all this (primary mission for the church), and of course to dispatch any evil and undead he might encounter after pertinent questioning barring the need to capture for later interrogation. According to the Lightlord Liam Sunmist, the strange undead sightings in the area all had green worms writhing within the dead flesh of the victims.


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