Cha'ti "The Caller"

Human, Male, Druid of the Bronzewood Lodge


Str 12
Dex 14
Con 16
Int 13
Wis 18
Cha 14

Favorite Wpn: Quarterstaff
Animal Companion: Shadow (Alpha Male Wolf)
Summoming Druid


Cha’ti (formally known as Hanus Morningwood) was raised in a very primitive part of the Dales by his mother and father. When he was 8 years old his family home was attacked and destroyed by trolls. His last memory of his father was his father pushing him into the cellar and locking it…then the entire house caught on fire. It took Cha’ti many years to discover that his father set the house on fire to save him. The trolls would not have dared attempt to search a burning building.
Many days passed before he finally saw a beam of light from above. It blinded him at first and he thought he had met his maker. Not yet it seems…the next thing he remembered was some sort of animal liking his face…it was a wolf. “Come Shadow a voice called from above”. The voice would turn out to be a very old man with a walking stick who was not very impressive to look at…or so it seems. The old man fed Cha’ti and gave him shelter for the night. With no where else to go, Cha’ti begged the old man to take him in and let him travel with him. The old man obliged and allowed Cha’ti to travel with him. Cha’ti was treated like a servant…which he was…but never mistreated. During thier travels, the old man’s wolf (Shadow) became very fond of Cha’ti. Cha’ti was sure it was all the raw meat he would sneak for him when the old man wasn’t looking. Strangely though….it almost seemed as if he had a connection with the wolf that was way beyond normal….it almost seemed as if they could talk to one another.
Then one day they arrived at a huge grove of trees within the forest. The forest seemed so thick that there would be no way to pass. The old man waved Cha’ti on and then disappeared into the forest as if he steepped into a tree. Cha’ti hesitantly followed and then found himself surrounded by make shift homes in trees and people of many different races around him. Mainly humans but some other humanoids he had never seen before. This would be Cha’ti’s home for the next 16 years.
During this time, the old man taught Cha’ti the ways of the forest, nature and animals. Cha’ti was sent on many missions into the wilderness to pick herbs, collect food and hunt. Yes even Druids have to eat but understand very well the balance of nature. On one adventure, armed only with a walking stick, Cha’ti was sent to investigate an area where goblins had recently been seen killing livestock very near encampments protected by his grove. Cha’ti was approaching the area in question when he was ambushed by a couple goblin trackers. Cha’ti was caught completely unaware and at the mercy of the two trackers. The two goblins leaped at him with spears. Cha’ti had just enough time to defect one spear and then waited for the pain the other spear would undboubedly bring. It never happened. As Cha’ti gathered himself he subconciously wished he had help to oust these goblins. In his mind he envisioned a hawk swooping down to distract the goblins long enough for him to strike or get away. As if in a dream, Cha’ti heard the loud squawk of a hawk bearing down and distracting the goblin. The goblin was completly caught off guard and was the recipient of a nasty blow as the hawk dug into his eyes with him claws leaving the goblin completly helpless and screaming in pain. Cha’ti too this opportunity to throttle the goblin upside the head with his stick. Cha’ti didn’t miss the mark and blood splattered all over him as he landed a fatal blow. Cha’ti swung around to find the other goblin. Much to his surprise the other goblin was dead being hovered by a very familiar wolf. Shadow had saved Cha’ti’s life once again. As for the hawk it was gone. Cha’ti didn’t realize it at the time but he had just killed the very goblins that were killing all the livestock. But this revelation was only one of many others that would be discovered on this day.
Cha’ti told his elder about the encounter and the elder got very excited. He told Cha’ti to envision something else in the room. So Cha’ti envisioned a dog that he could pet and out of no where a dog materialized and approached him. The dog approached him and sat in front of him….Cha’ti petted the dog for a min it seemed and then the dog disappeared. The elder explained to Cha’ti that he had been blessed by the god Silvanus with the power to call animals. "From this day forth, you will be known as Cha’ti “the Caller”.
Over the next couple

Cha'ti "The Caller"

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