Twexlin Windwalker

Human, Male, Ranger of the Bronzewood Lodge


Young male Chondathan. Olive colored skin and dark hair, average height, not remarkably tall or short for a human. Reclusive, does not like to speak with many casually besides his druid friend.


Grew up with his family in the Dalelands just outside of the dale: Daggerdale. His father was a hunter and he trained likewise. His family made a living trading meat and furs collected on the hunts through the forest. His life changed in his early preteen years when his family’s homestead was attacked by several giants which were a rare in those areas. Twexlin fled unaware if any of his parents or siblings had survived.
Spent the next years living on the streets of Daggerdale doing whatever was necessary to survive, taking odd jobs, scavenging, and occasionally thieving.
Over time, he managed to acquire a nice composite longbow from an old hunter who had retired to the town. Twexlin then began to hunt as his father did to make a living all the while keeping an eye out for giants. Twexlin spends all of his excess time and money asking around about giants and for anything he can use to learn more about them, and more specifically, killing them.
He is familiar with a druid named Cha’ti

Twexlin Windwalker

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