Nyphistra Silvertree

Female, Aasimar, Fighter of Tethyr and the Western Heartlands


Hand of Torm. Female Aasimar, 6’2" 175lbs Lean and very muscular. The first to lead any charge into the fray against evil. She was raised in the Temple of Torm. Initiated into The Order of the Sword, an elite group of warriors following the edicts of Torm. Currently resides in the town of Daggerford as a member of the town garrison.

Nyphistra Silvertree

She was born in the year of 1351the “Year of the Crown” Shortly after the plague broke out in Baldurs Gate. Her parents were travelers who had passed through there and were stricken with the plague. They were able to make it as far south as Mosstone in Tethyr before giving birth to Nyphistra. Knowing they would soon be dead from the sickness they had contracted they left the baby at the steps of the Temple of Torm hoping that the clergy of The True Deity would take mercy upon the babe. She was found shortly after and taken in under the wing of a kindly yet stern older lady who had spent most of her younger years as a Paladin of Torm fighting the followers of Bane. She could tell right away that the baby girl was no ordinary human with silver hair and intense golden eyes. Searching her body she found a small birth mark on the palm of her left hand depicting the right-hand gauntlet held upright with palm forward, the holy symbol of Torm, no doubt a distant relative of The True Deity from his time as a mortal before his ascension into the havens of Toril. She took this as a good sign that the child would grow up and follow the path of good laid out by the Tenets of Torm.
Nyphistra was always serious as a child not partaking in the foolishness most children got themselves onto. By the age of 12 she was already a head taller than the others in her class and in excellent physical condition. She had planned to learn the greatsword as her weapon of choice but upping the ante over the others learning the same weapon she was determined to master the heavier and more exotic Mercurial Greatsword. For the next eight years she was never parted from her weapon it became an extension of her arm. She graduated from her training academy top of her class earning her the right to keep the weapon she had trained with. Knowing she would not be able to join the order of Paladins under Torms banner (she had a little problem with blind devotion and tended to question laws that were suspect) she ended up joining the Order of The Sword. The Order of The Sword was a small elite group of warriors dedicated to the service of Torm. She travelled with the Order until they made their way up to Daggerford in The Western Heartlands. There they parted ways and she joined the local garrison and helped the local clergy of Tyr, one of Gods Torm is closely allied with.
She now spends her days patrolling the outer reaches of Daggerford keeping the trade roads safe for the arriving trade caravarns.

Nyphistra Silvertree

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