The Ebon Aspect

Evil Outsider


The Ebon Aspect is a bizarre amalgamation of the three deities it represents. It is a 10-foot-tall, powerfully built humanoid monster with six arms. It has smooth, dull gray skin and bulging muscles that pulse with arcane power. Three of its arms, two on its left and one on its right, are missing their hands. Its gaunt, skeletal face has massive fangs and is missing its left eye. It growls like a beast in battle, and fights like a savage animal.

A physical manifestation of the teachings of the Ebon Triad, an Ebon Aspect is an abomination to not only all that is true and just in Faerun, but also to the traditional faith of the worshippers of Bhaal, Bane, and Murkul. The Ebon Aspect described above is the first of its kind, but in time, more may appear in lands haunted by the Ebon Triad.


The Ebon Aspect

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