Grallak Kur Scrolls

Player Handout


These are the two scrolls you found in Grallak Kur’s hidden stash:

Both scrolls are written in a rambling disjointed style and are difficult to comprehend. With a successful Decipher Script check you guys were able to uncover the basic intent.

This is what you have gleaned from them;

“A great power stirs, and a swarm of worms is at hand. A power is growing in the pool of the Dark Cathedral, a power that will serve the Ebon Triad as a champion, but that a still greater force drives the power of evil forward.”

The passage in the second scroll that stands out the most is this;

“At last the will of the Ebon Triad be done. With the return of great Kyuss, the Age of Worms is finally upon us!”


Grallak Kur Scrolls

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