Silk Tapestry of Identification

Item is also known as Magical Modulation, Calculation, Trans-Resurgence, and Dweomer Synchronization for Introspection Identity Classification


This magical item was crafted by Dimple “Wing-nut” Briarbane; Artificer of Gond.

How it works: Wrap item in the folds of the silk tapestry, and let it sit for one minute.
Open tapestry so the inside folds facing the item show the information and characteristics of the item identified. The tapestry displays a common name of the item, as well as charges, magical strength, type, etc.

The displayed images and text disapear slowly, and a blank slate like picture appears. The power of the tapestry is sufficient to identify upto 5 items per day. The tapestry has fifty uses total, and will require a wand of replenish to restore all it’s uses. The wand also has fifty charges and can only be re-charged by Artificers of Gond or mages of sufficient power.


Silk Tapestry of Identification

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