The Age of Worms

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The Age of Worms
The secrets of this page are most holy. Know ye heretics who invade them that the wrath of Myrkul is upon you. If you read this, Theldrick, you have either slain me and doomed our cause, or the time is nigh for our final victory.
At last the riddle of this place is solved. In ages past, a great being known as Kyuss rose above the petty warlords who fought and struggled for material gain. Mighty Kyuss is the herald of the Overgod. Soon, he will sound the clarion call to the faithful. The three sundered faiths shall be made whole.
The undead our agents spotted must be located and captured. If they bear the worms of Kyuss then they perhaps hold the final answer to our research. The Ebon Aspect stirs within the pool, but it is not ready to emerge. Perhaps a traumatic event – an invasion of heretics, a great battle fought within these halls – could awaken it. But even then it will attain only a minor form. The Way of the Ebon Triad speaks of the danger of awakening the aspect too soon. Our work will be for naught.
We must find the worms and the undead hosts that carry them. If they are not here, then we must send agents to Skull Gorge. If Kyuss himself, or his agents, cannot shepherd in the Age of Worms, then we shall do it ourselves so that the Overgod may live.
Our course is clear, my dear Theldrick. Smenk is no longer useful to us and must die. Kill him, and then send agents to Lizard Marsh, across the western wild lands, south of the Delimbyr. I believe that we will find what we are looking for there, among the lizard-folk. Summon more of your warriors. If the calculations and portents are correct, the time for covert action is at an end. As the Age of Worms begins, we must strike hard and fast to prepare the coming of the Overgod.
Of course, dear Theldrick, if you were so rash as to slay my followers and I, then you, soon, shall join me in the afterlife. Doubtless your treachery has already stirred the Overgod. Our mission has failed, and you will die at his hands.


The Age of Worms

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