A Meeting of the Minds

Somewhere in Daggerford

Chorus of voices in unison- “Mornin’ me Lord!”

Nasally voice- “Sit down boys; I want to hear what information you gathered for me last eve.”

Gruff voice- “Well, me Lord. ‘Tis true bout the Old Observatory, someone buy the deed and be movin’ in.”

Nasally voice- “Yes, I happened to hear that one myself. No concern boys, we have other options to look at, but that is not of importance right now.”

Chorus of voices in unison- “Yes me Lord.”

Gruff voice- “Ole swamper did likes you ask me Lord, and he follow dat reaver, but he lost him bout two miles into dem eastern hills he did.”

Creepy voice- “I think he used magic me lord, he just up and disappeared as we walked into the woods. I was but 100 yards when I watch him vanish.”

Nasally voice- “Hmmn! Magic you say? Well as you all know he is the adopted son of Brando the Lame. Could be he had help from the church.”


Nasally voice- “Any word on the adventurers?”

Sinister voice- “My Lord, I think I seen the Air Genasi walking out of Delfen’s Tower around mid-meal, but I didn’t see any of the others.”

Gruff voice- “Me contact at da Ironeater Mine tells me he seen a stranger walk right in like he own da place. He tells me he was heavily armored and geared fer a fight.”

Nasally voice- “Could have been another cultist.”


Nasally voice- “Boys! I have a job for you, and I’m only going tell you this one time. No screw ups! We can’t have a mess like we had before. I don’t want any loose strings, and that is why I’m going to lend you Knuckles for some extra muscle. I also bought a little insurance to help the mission go the way as planned.”

Chorus of voices- “Hooya! We’re in me Lord.”

Nasally voice- “Like you boys had a choice.”


Nasally voice- “Here is what I want you to do……………”

A Meeting of the Minds

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