A Planned Meeting

Masculin voice- “Well met Reaver, I hope everything is going as planned.”

Reaver- “Yes, everything is in order, I have made arrangements for everyone to meet, but first I want to gauge the interest in all of them. I’m still not sure how commited they are, but time will tell.”

Masculin voice- “Have you met the delegates from the Bronzewood yet?”

Reaver- “No, I plan to meet them in four days time along the banks of the Delimbiyr, but I have met your representative, he seems like a great asset to have in the party.”

Masculin voice- “Yes, the Genasi will fit in well with the adventurers you have recruited. I just hope we don’t have any set backs. You know just as well as I that time is of the essence.”

Reaver- “I’m sure the test you have set in front of them will allow for them to gain some experience, and insight on how well they will work as a group.”

Masculin voice- “It is a necessity that I don’t quite agree on, but my masters do not want any failure, and they feel this would be in all of our best interest. I’m sure they will do fine, besides they are suppose to gain some clues to what the future may bring.”

Reaver- “I don’t doubt your planning, I just hate surprises.”

Masculin voice- “As do I my friend, as do I.”

Reaver- “Until the meeting?”

Masculin voice- “Yes, as dictated. Just keep me abreast of any changes to the schedule. May Lady Luck be with you.”

Reaver- “You as well my friend.”

A Planned Meeting

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