Character Creation

Character Creation

Follow these steps to create a new character.

1. Choose a Race
• Races in the PHB, Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting, and Races of Faerun are allowed but are limited to those with a Level Adjustment +1.
• Character templates are not allowed at this time, as well as Prestige Classes.
• Send me an email or call with your idea in advance! I do not want you to waste time contemplating a character you will not be able to play.
• All characters should be reviewed prior to our first session.
• Please complete the character sheet I’ve provided digitally so we both have a record of it.

2. Choose a Class from the PHB, or the Wizards of the Coast “Complete” Series. Certain selections may require rational to their presence in the campaign.

3. All characters start with 0 xp and have the possibility of earning bonus experience at the end of character generation dependent upon their creativity and participation. If a PC with an ECL of +1 is created, you should fully understand the ECL hindrance.

4. Choose an alignment (evil alignments are not available to enable group dynamics). You will be required to play your alignment, if in a restrictive class (Paladin, Monk, etc.) and follow your ethos if playing a cleric (otherwise your deity may not grant you divine powers when called upon). Look at the provided character creation tip sheet to define your traits, since these are more descriptive than simple alignment.

5. We will use the point buy system to generate ability scores since characters will be created prior to our first session. Remember to assign ability points before any racial adjustments are calculated. All ability scores start at 10, and then spend points from your pool of 35 (this will allow high scores).
11-14 each costs one point;15 and 16 each costs 2 points; 17 and 18 each costs 3 points
Point value for individual ability scores are as follows:
11 – 1 points 15 – 6 points
12 – 2 points 16 – 8 points
13 – 3 points 17 – 11 points
14 – 4 points 18 – 14 points
Also, please maximize your HP’s based off level and Constitution score, this will seperate you the
Heros from the rest of the world

6. Choose feats and skills. Do not purchase any equipment until completing character generation and history. The regional feats in the Forgotten Realms may be used as well as bonus equipment per the tables detailing regions. Upon reviewing your suggested history, guidance on equipment and wealth will be given to you to complete your character. I will look at giving everyone a bonus language and feat depending on the history you come up with.

Character Creation

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