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Reaver awaits Talon’Var Kreshyn’s arrival at the “Office”.

Reaver- “Good morning Talon.”

Talon- “Hail my friend, I see Tymora finds us both lucky to live another beautiful day.”

Reaver- “Aye she does. So, what news do you bring?”

Talon- “Well, as you know I had Azeryth situated in the Old Observatory, and the genasi has already begun his apprenticeship under Delfen’s tutelage.”

Reaver- “I could only surmise that this agreement will help the organization now, and in the future.”

Talon- smiles “You surmise correctly my friend.“


Talon- “I see that your Lathander recruit has joined the heroes, and even now they are making a play for the Ebon Triad’s cell leader.”

Reaver- laughs “I’m hurt! You doubted my wisdom in this decision? Liam Sunmist is a friend of my father’s, and a staunch political ally in the machinations of Daggerford politics. I knew Liam would only provide his best. Think about it, he gains from this as well as we do. Hell! We all gain from this mission.”

Talon- “Well said friend. No. Your decision was a wise one, and I did not doubt you, but I always have reservations when it comes to adventurers. They are a fickle bunch, and remember I spent many years of my own adventuring with a similar lot.”

Reaver- “I’ve worked well on my own, but I do envy the camaraderie they share.”


Reaver- “The other item of business I wanted to mention was in regards to Smenk. That fool had one of his goons try to tail me yesterday as I made my way here to the “Office”. I ended up having to use a potion to give me the added measure of secrecy.”

Talon- “Hmmn that man would go to the abyss and back to try and deter us from making headway in Daggerford. He is starting to wear on my patience.“

Reaver- Hrumph “Well, maybe it is about time we do something about that town menace. He has nearly ruined every mine manager in town, and still gains more influence every day.”

Talon- “Have hope Reaver. It shall come very soon my friend, very soon indeed.”

Information Shared

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