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Zalamandra’s Emporium

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Story Line Index
The Meeting, Session One
Into the Whispering Cairn, Session Two
Whispering Cairn Unleashes Havoc, Session Three
Whispering Cairn, Lair of the Laborers, Session Four
Whispering Cairn, Lair of the Laborers, Session Five
Whispering Cairn, Lair of the Architect, Session Six
Land Farmstead, Empty graves and the Owlbear, Session Seven
Daggerford, Investigation of Grave Robbing, Session Eight
Daggerford, Investigation and Gang Busting, Session Nine
Daggerford, Entry into the Old Observatory, Session Ten
Old Observatory, Assault on the Necromancer, Session Eleven
Departure and Planning, Session Twelve
Conclusion at the Whispering Cairn, Session Thirteen
Tyr Justice, and a dinner with Balaber Smenk, Session Fourteen
A deal made, Infiltrating the Mine, Session Fifteen
The Dark Cathedral, Into the Citadel of Bane, Session Sixteen
The Dark Cathedral, Banite Defenders Weakened, Session Seventeen
The Dark Cathedral, Banite Defenders Retreat, Session Eighteen
The Dark Cathedral, Heroes Defeat the Banites, Theldrick Runs, Session Nineteen
The Dark Cathedral, The Caves of Bhaal, Session Twenty
The Dark Cathedral, Descent into the Dark, Session Twenty One
The Dark Cathedral, Fight in the tunnels, over the bridge, Session Twenty Two
The Dark Cathedral, Grimlocks Die in Defense of the Cavern, Session Twenty Three
The Dark Cathedral, Grallak Kur, Prophet of Bhaal Dies, Session Twenty Four
The Dark Cathedral, Into the Labyrinth of Myrkul, Session Twenty Five
The Dark Cathedral, Labyrinth defenders defeated, Session Twenty Six

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Zalamandra’s Emporium Encounters
The Happy Cow Encounters
Lazare’s House Encounters
Spinning Giant Encounters

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Nyphistra Silvertree Introduction
Grog Introduction
Twexlin and Cha ti Introduction
DM Dialogue
Bardic Tale
Journal of HS
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