Points of Interest in the Region

- A view of Waterdeep, “City of Splendors” from the harbor.

  • The Bronzewood Lodge lies 90 miles across the river to the southeast, hidden within the Misty Forest. The Bronzewood Lodge is home to a sacred druid circle, and its various, Wardens, Rangers, Foresters, and Protectors. The primary deities worshiped are Silvanus, Eldath, and Mielikki.
  • Waterdeep “City of Splendors” lies 120 miles north along “The Trade Way” caravan route.
  • The River Delimbiyr; large river that runs east to west, and drains into the Sea of Swords.
  • The Forlorn Hills; hills and small range of mountains that run north to south just east of Daggerford.
  • The Lizard Marsh; a large marsh that is fed by part of the River Delimbiyr. Several Lizardmen tribes call it home as well as other savage and cruel denizens.

- If the environment of a swamp don’t kill you, the denizens will.

  • Criam Hold lies 15 miles to the west along the Delimbiyr River toward the “Sword Coast”, on the northern edge of the Lizard Marsh.
  • Julkoun lies 90 miles east along the Delimbiyr River or through hill country via trails.
  • Secomber lies 165 miles east along the Delimbiyr River or through hill country via trails.
  • Daggerford’s iron and silver mines lie 5 to 20 miles east of town by mountain trail, on the same side of the river in the small range of mountains that rise up at the southern end of the Forlorn Hills.
  • Mount Illefarn is the most prominent of the mountains and perhaps the only one to merit the name. This particular mountain range does not show up on current maps of the region. This is home to the Illefarn Clan of Shield Dwarves.

- One of many great views you may encounter while traveling the halls of Illefarn, in the Underdark.

  • Grossetgrottel lies within a lesser known peak in the range and lies to the west. This is a known Rock Gnome village.
  • The Twilight Monastery is a three towered monument that sits upon Griphon’s Roost; a towering crag that looms over the muddy road to Secomber.

- Ardeep? Misty? High Forest? Which one could it be? Many forests in the realms are filled with beauty, but are just as dark, mysterious, and dangerous.

Points of Interest in the Region

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