The Dark Cathedral, Grallak Kur, Prophet of Bhaal Dies, Session Twenty Four

The next day as I observed the progress of the heroes, I waited for them to explore the last tunnel exiting the Bhaal cavern complex. I assumed they had killed the biggest threat when they disposed of the Grimlock Chieftain. The party of four had rested fully and shared a meal then quickly moved into position to search out the narrow tunnel. The party heard chanting and yelling as they approached which made me think they were about to meet the religious faction of this Bhaal cell. I watched with nervousness as Grog rounded the bend.

As soon as the half-orc spied the enemy, both sides yelled battle cries and the battle begun. The heroes charged into the large oval chamber that was divided by a large depression and ended with a high cliff ledge; a fanatical Grimlock in tribal attire stood dancing around multi colored flame. Five Grimlock guardians, and the Baneite priest Theldrick that had escaped from the citadel of Bane also stood readied. Twexlin was first to act and shot two arrows at the crazy looking Grimlock at the rear. Grog and Nyphystra charged to the front to attack the leading Grimlocks that set for charge with long spears. Before the heroes made contact in melee they were struck with a sonic burst from one of the enemy clerics. Cha’ti summoned a hippogriff to attack the Baneite, and Twexlin struck his enemy with more deadly arrows from his mighty bow. It appears Twexlin gained the wrath of the Bhaal priest, who called upon his evil deity and struck the ranger with an immobilizing spell. Nyphystra and Grog dropped to the lower depression to fight the Grimlock guardian’s, but Nyphystra in her heavy plate only fell to the bottom prone making it easy for her enemy to stab at her with spears. Cha’ti sent his companion Shadow to help the melee heroes in the chaos that waged below.

It was not long before spiritual weapons of evil deities were summoned and attacked the heretics that invaded the cavern. Grog struck with his mighty spear as Nyphysra was able to get back in the mix. Both heroes took hits, but traded them with shots that were much more lethal. Cha’ti called upon his druidic powers to create flame, and summoned another creature to assault the enemy below. Another sonic burst erupted striking some of the heroes, and a Hell Hound appeared to attack Cha’ti; obviously a summoned beast from one of the evil clerics. The battle waged, but it was obvious as Grimlock guardians fell to Grog’s spear and Nyphystra’s mighty sword that the heroes had the upper hand. The fight was down to the two clerics, one Grimlock guardian, and the hell hound. Between Cha’ti and his wolf they were able to dispose of the Hellhound but not before the fiery breath struck the druid burning him badly. Twexlin finally fought off his spell effects and brought his bow back into action firing arrows upon the two evil priests. The heroes pushed forward destroying the defenders as they went. One by one the final defenders within the cavern chamber died. The Grimlock priest fought bitterly to the end, but it was to no avail. The heroes ended up victorious, and cheers rose up as they looked over the blood splattered stone cavern.

I laughed out loud then realized I had broken my ink quill as I watched the battle unfold within my scry device. The heroes quickly started looting the dead, and searching the area for items, clues, and hidden secrets. Grog was able to locate a hidden cache up on the shelf near the multi flamed fire. It appears they were able to recover some scrolls, rope, and some monetary loot. I ended my scry knowing the party was about to take a well-earned rest before they pursued more enemy within the Dark cathedral. I looked forward to what the next day would bring; Reaver had already informed me of his movements. I was happy to hear Liam Sunmist, the high priest of Morningglow Tower came through and provided an able priest to help our cause.

Talon’var Kreshyn
11 Kythorn, 1374 Year of Lightning Storms

The Dark Cathedral, Grallak Kur, Prophet of Bhaal Dies, Session Twenty Four

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