The Dark Cathedral, Into the Labyrinth of Myrkul, Session Twenty Five

As I watched the heroes’ progress through the cavern system heading back the way they had entered I couldn’t stop thinking about how well they had done thus far. I was excited to hear Reaver was successful in leading the priest of Lathander to the Ironeater Mine. I could only assume that this cleric known only as H.S. will be successful using his diplomacy to get to the lower levels of the mine. I continued to track the progress, and then saw Grog quickly halt his comrades to check the main hall of the Dark Cathedral. I could only suspect he heard something ahead. Following the line of sight the half-orc took showed me a heavily armored male human leaning over a dead tiefling warrior. As soon as I spied the symbol of Lathander, I quickly realized this was H.S. the help the party needed, and the help enlisted to our cause. The remaining heroes closed the distance and seemed to deduce this was not an enemy but a valuable ally. I watched the interaction, and it looked positive from my viewpoint. I could not see it go any other way considering Tymora and Lathander are allied deities.

H.S. quickly completed his search of the fallen Baneite guard, and moved over to the dark pool. It was quickly obvious to me that things had changed since last it was viewed. I think I will take note of this and share with the High Harpers; this may be very significant to our cause. After some talk between the heroes, and what looked like decision making they moved toward the northern door that was marked with the symbol of Myrkul. This was obvious the third and final cell of the Ebon Triad we have recently gained knowledge about. I’ve ordered one of our agents to travel to Candlekeep to find out further details that might help us in gaining an upper hand on this triad.

The party of five gained entry with no problem; Grog led the group into the smooth stone hallway and halted them as he disappeared into the darkness to scout. As he moved along it quickly became obvious this was some sort of maze or labyrinth. Just as Grog began searching the other side of the hall from where his party members waited, a loud squak erupted, and all hell broke loose. Bird like creatures known as Kenku erupted from all kinds of hidden places. The party reacted quickly and responded as if they were veterans in battle. Grog struck out with his deadly spear, Twexlin pierced the Kenku from range with deadly accuracy. Nyphystra charged in seeking a target to strike down, as H.S. and Cha’ti found good positions to oversee their comrades. Kenku struck with both melee and ranged weapons, but it was obvious even with the higher number of combatants they stood no chance.

Shadow struck, and tripped a Kenku as Cha’ti burned a birdman to ashes. Nyphystra struggled getting her wepon to bear as she took arrow after arrow from the enemy. It was no problem since H.S. was quickly to her aid casting curative magic. As the battle progressed, and more Kenku fell to arrow and spear points, a loud piercing scream erupted from the north. Into the fray came two dire weasels; one of them struck quickly at H.S. biting into his forearm and latched on. Nyphystra finally struck with her mighty sword striking a Kenku dead with a single blow, and Grog pinned another feathery foe to a wall killing it with a single strike. The battle raged; Twexlin assisted the Lathander holy man with well-placed arrows piercing the sleek hide of the weasel. H.S. was able to break free and help kill the dire animal. Grog’s intuition told him to expect an assault from another weasel and he readied himself. His instinct was dead on and he stabbed the creature as it struck at him. Both hit, but Grog’s was the deadlier of the two strikes. The creature still survived and looked to continue to fight on, but H.S. brought into existence a spiritual weapon of Lathander striking at the dire weasel. Nyphystra struck again killing another Kenku with her mercurial blade.
Blood filled the labyrinth as the heroes overwhelmed the offenders. The ambush was truly repelled, and the remaining Kenku fled as the heroes re-positioned and took stock of the situation. It was quite clear the fight was not over; the enemy retreated or awaited reinforcements. Either way I looked forward to seeing where this maze led to. The adventurers were on the offensive seeking enemy within the maze, and nothing would stop them from there goal.

Talon’var Kreshyn
12 Kythorn, 1374 Year of Lightning Storms

The Dark Cathedral, Into the Labyrinth of Myrkul, Session Twenty Five

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