The Dark Cathedral, Labyrinth defenders defeated, Session Twenty Six

As I continued to scry on the heroes, I felt an uneasiness come over me as if something was building up around the party of five as they progressed through the labyrinth. Grog led the way using his stealth to try and stall any possible ambush. As I watched the half-orc come around another narrow corner he was hailed by a kenku. What a wretched looking creature they are, I thought. It addressed Grog in common, and appeared to just want them to turn back, but as more of the party moved up closer it became agitated, and nervous. I felt that this was only going to lead to conflict anyhow; the heroes were not subtle when it came to dealing with evil.

Before much details of a parley came to light, a screech erupted and all hell broke loose. Dire weasels erupted from around corridors, kenku struck from hidden doors, and magic flew from a Kenku’s fingers. I was quite surprised to see that, but at this point nothing should surprise me. The heroes responded quickly like veteran warriors. The initial strike was damaging to the party. Grease, surprise attacks, and a fireball would deter most, but not these heroes, they seemed to build off it. Grog stepped into the Grease un-fazed, and struck with his spear as Twexlin went into melee against the dire weasel that had ahold of his thigh. Cha’ti brought in some help by summoning some black bears, and H.S. waded into battle with his deadly mace. As Shadow traded blows with a large dire weasel, the kenku continued with a magical assault; releasing another fireball. Grog looked to strike out and was hit with a green ray lessening his strength but not his resolve. Nyphystra was able to get her sword into action and cleaved the kenku that had been beating Twexlin from behind.

One by one the enemy fell; H.S. hit his foe with a crack, shattering bones with his mace. Twexlin fought like a dog trying to rid himself of the weasel that persistently gnawed on his thigh. Cha’ti brought some nature magic into the fray calling upon some flame to strike his enemy. The heroes were battered, but one by one the enemy fell, and they gained the upper hand. Shadow tripped the Kenku caster giving Grog and Nyphystra a chance to slay the creature as it lay prone. H.S. chased after the Kenku that had ravaged them with fireballs but the stealthy Kenku was able to hide, Cha’ti assisted by sending his summoned minions to search out the straggler, but had no luck. Eventually the Kenku Boss struck from a secret door and attempted to take some enemy with him by launching his final fireball. The heroes took the brunt of the magic, but pressed on. Chasing the kenku into a corner where it stood its ground trying to fight them off. Nyphystra came around laying it low, but it was H.S. that pimp slapped the Kenku with his mace making a loud crunching sound. Surprisingly enough, it did not kill the kenku for they were able to revive it for later questioning.

The adventurers searched the area, as well as the dead, and then went to refuge to try and gather info from the Kenku Boss. They received little in intel from the Kenku but they were able to conclude that they soon faced the leader of the Triad; a man or woman named “The Faceless One”. Before the kenku was killed he did show the heroes the remaining entries into the Myrkul complex. Grog was able to seek out some treasure, by finding the remaining Kenku rooms, and the heroes sat planning the next move as they counted gold pieces. I took everything in as I ended my scry on the heroes. I knew they deserved a rest after two hard won battles, and I for one needed rest as well. Tomorrow would be a big day for all If my peers divinations come true.

Talon’var Kreshyn
12 Kythorn, 1374 Year of Lightning Storms

The Dark Cathedral, Labyrinth defenders defeated, Session Twenty Six

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