The Dark Cathedral, The Caves of Bhaal, Session Twenty

As I sit in my study enjoying my morning meal I contemplate my next move. Based on what I have observed the last month while srying the young heroes I decided to try and recruit an able priest. After conversations with Reaver, Bando, and Liam it was decided to recruit out of the Morning Lords clergy. Bando had reservations, but I can understand he wanted to play a stronger role in what the future held for us all. It only made sense that we recruit a priest of Lathander. They are considered one of the best to defeat undead, and considering what we have seen at this point, it was the wisest decision. I left the choice in Liam’s capable hands, he told me he was already in contact with one of the northern temples, and might have a possible lead already. Time is of the essence, the party is delving deeper into the Dark Cathedral, and I’m sure they will be tested even further. I pushed my plate away, and began the scry, ensuring I took the precautions I made the day prior. Again, Azeryth wanted to join me, but I decided to send him with Reaver to work at improving the parties’ hideout.

As the mist cleared I happened upon the heroes seeking entry to the western entry that was easily bypassed with the stone Bhaal key they had found. The adventurers took up the standard marching order and descended into the blackness. As the party approached a stone forested cavern filled with stalactites and stalagmites they were ambushed by monstrous humanoids. It took me a while to confirm what I saw through my globe, but was somewhat surprised to see Grimlocks this far from the Underdark. The party quickly responded to the threat and was able to kill two of the Grimlocks, but one was able to retreat deeper into the cave system. The heroes searched the corpses then quickly followed in pursuit of the lone Grimlock.

The four slowly moved down the tunnel which led to a larger stone forested cavern. The assault from the Grimlocks was quick and chaotic; two Krenshars led the way as one Grimlock attacked with javelins from the back of the cavern. It was not until a hulking Grimlock waded into battle that the situation grew ugly. Some sort of fear effect from the horrific looking hound like creatures struck the party. Nyphystra, Cha’ti, and the Ranger were assaulted by the effect of the evil creatures. Poor Grog was left alone to fight the fight. He was striking out with a rage of fury killing one Grimlock, then a Krenshar, but he was taking shots from them as well in a deathmatch fight. As Grog fell he was able to take another Krenshar with him by piercing it with his long spear. Nyphystra, Twexlin, and Cha’ti recovered from the fear effects and came to the rescue of their fallen friend. Nyphystra waded into battle striking at the large Grimlock with her mercurial great sword, as shadow ripped at the flanks of the brutish humanoid. Twexlin fired a killing shot from his lethal bow, as Cha’ti healed Grog. Grog was unconscious, but more healing from Cha’ti made him stir. The fight was won, but it was almost the last for Grog the half-orc barbarian rogue. The party took stock of the situation, and realized they were on a shelf overlooking a deep chasm with more shelves across from the ledge they stood upon. The heroes healed and rested preparing for what might come next. I closed my scry and decided I needed to reiterate the sense of urgency to both Liam Sunmist, and my superiors here at the hall.

Talon’var Kreshyn
7 Kythorn, 1374 Year of Lightning Storms

The Dark Cathedral, The Caves of Bhaal, Session Twenty

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