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D&D 3.5e Campaign
Our campaign will take place in the Forgotten Realms setting of Faerun during the month of Mirtul, in 1374 DR the “Year of the Lightning Storms”. In recent years Faerun has experienced a return of the Archwizards, the Shadowvar, the City of Shade, an explosion of wild magic, and a plague of rogue dragons. In recent times strange lighting storms have created havoc in different areas of Faerun. Your characters begin their journey in the Western Heartlands in or near the town of Daggerford.

The latest information on Daggerford:
Nearly two years ago, unknown assassins poisoned the Duke of Daggerford, Pwyll “Greatshout” Daggerford, his sister, Lady Bronwyn, and his bastard brother, Lord Llewellyn Longhand, leaving the duchy without an heir. The perpetrators were never caught. Soon thereafter, the Town Council met and elected Lanod Ondabar of Irieabor as Governor-Mayor. Lanod is the brother of the well-respected Delfen “Yellowknife” Ondabar who resides in Daggerford as a retired adventurer. Delfen still offers his services as a local Sage, and is considered “The smartest man in town”. The Governor-Mayor quickly appointed his old adventuring companion, Cubbin, as Sheriff and began selling favors from the former duke’s castle to the highest bidder. In less than 24 months, the once-proud town of Daggerford has become synonymous with vice and exploitation, to the frustration of Sherlen Spearslayer (Captain of the Militia). Long-established businesses have been sold, their owners forced out by “new investors” allied with Lanod and Cubbin. In conscious imitation of the Lords of Waterdeep, the identities of the 23-member Town Council of Daggerford are nominally secret except to each other, but “everyone” knows the roster includes the town’s guild masters, and most prominent clerics.

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