The Dark Cathedral, Banite Defenders Retreat, Session Eighteen

As I call upon my most potent divination, and protective spells, I felt it wise to also call upon the aid of a few of the High Harper agents I was allied with, and trusted thoroughly. Considering that my life might be on the line as I attempt to scry the heroes again. The following entries are preceded by an excerpt from Azeryth after he was rescued from the hands of death, and followed by what was scried that day.

“As the party and I went forth into the smooth stoned walls of the arena we were greeted by a twenty foot 6 armed demonic statue dedicated to Bane that was topped with a large ruby set in its head. As the last of our party stepped upon the sandy floor, a booming sound resounded as the double doors closed behind us. The battleground was set, and we were the entertainment that would fight for all that was good and heroic. The arena was surrounded on three sides by a banister and a viewing booth with a slanted floor and multiple benches for the cultists viewing pleasure. As we spread out in a defensive posture we were assaulted by ranged weapons, dire magic, and a summoned fiendish ape. As the party responded in kind, I moved to the aid of Nyphystra, hoping to augment her with magic that would help her in the fight. As I moved to position myself I was struck by wicked strike of the fiendish ape. In retrospect I should have healed myself before continuing my movement to the front. As I reached for Nyphystra I was struck by a lethal arrow from one of the tiefling warriors. As I felt my life force escape me I saw the high priest of Bane start to cast his dire magic upon my comrades. It was not before I reached deaths door that I recalled Talon having one of his peers cast a contingency spell upon me prior to my joining the party. I was whisked away only feeling dread for the remaining four heroes. How could they survive the assault they were under minus an asset such as me?”

As I scried the chaotic battle I observed Azeryth the Air Genasi fall to a deadly shot from a tiefling. I smiled to myself; happy that I had one of the Harper mages cast a contingency spell on him. I knew his education, knowledge, and discipline would be of use to us in the future. I continued to watch in awe as the battle progressed and the four heroes fought with fervor, egged on my seeing the fall of a comrade, and possible death at the hands of evil. Nyphystra and Grog fought with strength, skill, and fury. The two called upon their respective gods, screaming battle cries. Cha’ti did everything possible to summon aid, and call down the powers of nature to burn his foes. Cha’ti was always aided by his loyal companion Shadow; the alpha wolf held his own in battle as tiefling warriors and a large half-orc cleric went into melee dropping down upon the arena floor. Twexlin harried a priestess with multiple arrow strikes; eventually she would fall to his onslaught. Finally the fiendish ape was dispatched by blade and spear, but the heroes found that they were still being assaulted from above and the presumable high priest that commandeered the cultists was retreating from the viewing area. It was quick thinking, and a show of mighty strength that toppled the giant statue which allowed for a way to get to the upper level of the arena. By the time the party went on the offensive making chase, the enemy fled the battle, and escaped through a heavily fortified door. The party’s adrenaline subsided; they took stock of the situation, searched corpses, and decided to rest for what might be the final assault on the citadel of Bane. The four heroes smiled with satisfaction as they felt the relief of winning the day. I smiled as well, proud to see such team work; the valor they carried with them into this last battle was heroic indeed. I will sing a song in praise of their exploits.

Talon’var Kreshyn
5 Kythorn, 1374 Year of Lightning Storms

The Dark Cathedral, Banite Defenders Retreat, Session Eighteen

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